“Sweet Home 2” Actress’s Questionable Bra Fashion Receives Mixed Reactions

“Sweet Home 2” Actress’s Questionable Bra Fashion Receives Mixed Reactions

Whenever Sweet Home 2 actress Lee Si Young graces the red carpet or attends press events, her visuals and outfits are stunning. She even shares her stylish looks with fans through her Instagram account. However, one look received mixed reactions.

Lee Si Young

In one of Lee Si Young’s posts, the actress wore a white t-shirt and black pants, styled with sandals and a small bag. Although the outfit appeared normal, there was one twist that divided netizens.

| @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Lee Si Young tied a gray bra on top of the t-shirt. Netizens immediately voiced their thoughts on the style choice.

| @leesiyoung38/Instagram | @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Quite a few netizens voiced their dislike for the style, claiming that “underwear is made to be under clothes.” Others referenced Superman, who wears his underwear on top of his costume.

Netizens’ comments on Lee Si Young’s Instagram post. | @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Despite the negative comments, there were also positive ones. Fans commented that the actress looked “beautiful like always” and didn’t need to consider their opinions when choosing her outfits. Lee Si Young appeared to have the same thoughts.

More of netizens’ comments on Lee Si Young’s Instagram post. | @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Lee Si Young didn’t listen to the negative comments. Pairing her bras with Miu Miu tops, the actress has continued to style her visible underwear look in multiple ways.

| @leesiyoung38/Instagram | @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Check out the style that has netizens divided on whether it’s a hit or miss.

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