Spotemgottem Haunted By The Past: Snitching, Killing, Fugitive on The Run

Spotemgottem Haunted By The Past: Snitching, Killing, Fugitive on The Run

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. We’ve talked about the Jacksonville beef between the rivalry with Julio Foolio, Yungeen Ace and their crews KTA and ATK that has brought heavy loses to both

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But today we’re going to do a vid on one of Jacksonville’s newest buzzing artists, Spotemgottem

The young spitter and hood superstar has taken a heavy cost for his fame. From snitching allegations, to gun charges, to now being wanted by the feds for a club murder, Spotemgottem is a magnet for bad news. Today we’re going to chop it up and break down his situation and just what is the murder that may get him locked for life.

Spotemgottem came into the rapper spotlight with the 2020 smash hit “Beat Box” The track took off when the success machine that is Tik Tok was overflooded by creators doing what was known as the “June Bug Challenge” to the hit single From there, the rapper had everyone doing the dance and some of the biggest artists like Pooh Shiesty, Da Baby, Polo G, and NLE Choppa remixing his track But his rise to fame turned his life into a ticking time bomb waiting to blow.

When street dudes turn famous, it’s hard to learn control of the money, the women, the attention. Spotemgottem didn’t realize that now he’s in the spotlight that his street life and celebrity life cannot be happening at the same time. He learned that the hard way. Beefs was the first sign of bad things to come. Spotemgottem was only flashing the blicky, calling out opps, and repping his guys in the pen like the feds wasn’t watching (0:48-0:52) (1:45-2:00) That attitude only dragged him into beef by affiliation like the Foolio and Yungee Ace war (1:33-1:41) and even that backfired on him when Foolio who defended him in the past and collabed on songs posted up a subliminal aimed at his top

Spotemgottem was falling off, but not from music, the streets, and that was way worse because his come up in the industry was based on the image that he’s a real street dude. Things only went downhill when news broke that the cops ran down on Spotemgottem while he was sleeping at the Aventura Hotel. On July 15th 2021 U.S. Marshals caught the rapper lacking on an arrest warrant. To make matters worse, they busted him with an AK-47 at his bedside.

The warrant was due to an investigation into a June incident where a parking garage attendant at the Collins Avenue garage accused Spotemgottem and his gang of pointing a gun with a green laser and threatening him over an altercation where they didn’t pay an $80 parking fee.

Spotemgottem was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and accessory after the fact. His bond was set at $18, 500.

His convicted felon charge dates back to his days as a youngin at 15 before the tats and the wicks. Spotemgottem and his homie Chaddrick Daniels were arrested in 2017 on grand theft auto and carrying a concealed weapon charges after they stole a vehicle on Sandlake Drive and were caught on International Golf Parkway walking with guns.

Posting bond and being back on the outside, it was back to the music and back to the beefs, but it seems there was more to him just getting off on bond. Paperwork of Sptemgottem snitching on his homie Y&R Mookey 

was posted online by Yungeen Ace partner and ATK affiliate Spinabenz after he heard Spotemgottem dissing his dead homie Leeke in a song (16:00-17:00)

To understand the magnitude of the allegations, you’ve got to first understand how close Spotemgottem and Mookey were. They both are a part of the gang Y&R which stands for Young and Reckless which is affiliated with Foolio’s KTA

They were the foundation for Spotemgottem’s come up but while he was blowing up, members like Mookey and Y&R Slugga 

got caught up in “Operation Rap Up” which was an undercover investigation by the cops after multiple guns were flashed in their “Yungeen Ace Diss” 

Both are currently in jail adding to rumors of Spotemgottem possibly being given leniency for bringing additional evidence to the cops. Since them, Spotemgottem’s career has been on the decline. ATK affiliates Spinabenz and YBeezy have been applying steady pressure on his head, even exposing a snippet of an unreleased diss song from Mookey calling Spotemgottem out for snitching on him (5:26-5:46) (0:12-1:15) (2:26-2:44) But that wasn’t the end of Spotemgottem’s woes. In a call from prison, Mookey himself confirmed Spotemgottem snitched on him stating it happened a while back in the day (0:18-0:27) You could hear the hurt in Spotemgottem’s voice responding to the allegations of someone meant to be his brother selling him out, but just think of how Mookey would have felt to have his brother snitch on him (1:42-1:57) But that reaction has been called out as cap after an alleged clip of an old interview surfaced where Spotemgottem seems to admit to snitching and the cops leaking the info That was the nail in the coffin for those he once called friends and gang. Y&R, Spotemgottem’s crew turned on the rapper and kicked him out of the gang with a warning on his life.

With the opps, his day ones, and the police on his head, Spotemgottem sent out a message to everyone trying to take him out

Through all this, Spotemgottem didn’t know that an investigation was being conducted on him for his social media antics where he loved showing guns and hanging with gangsters that did the same 

August 26th 2021, Fox 4 News twitter account posted up a tweet of Spotemgottem flashing guns in a Triller vid asking persons for help identifying the persons in the video. It was one thing after the next. Spotemgottem was being looked for in the questioning of a murder that occurred in 2020 of a man shot in the back multiple times

The deceased victim was Reginald Agnew Jr. who was murked in the parking lot of Tropics club in the 3700 block of Dilido Street in East Dallas, just north of I-30, between Buckner Boulevard and Saint Francis.

How detective Patty Belew, the detective on the case even came across that social media vid, much less connected it to that murder seems sketchy The video in question is this Triller video of a song snippet where Spotemgottem is flashing guns and speaking on a hit that had the police in the dark about who did it But that’s more than half the rap songs today, so rumors have been swirling around that the snitch got snitched on, some say it’s retaliation, even going as far as dragging his old gang into it. An eye for an eye to reverse the tables. In theory, that allegation can pan out. Everyone is gang gang until facing football numbers behind bars. If an Y&R member behind bars is responsible, they aren’t any better than what they wanted Spotemgottem dead for, but it’s a selfish world. Street rules are twisted to benefit the person needing a way out of their incarceration. 

That at least seems more plausible than Detective Patty Belew claiming after the murder happened, she dug up online to find a rap video about that night on social media with a group of young men actually rapping about the murder. Come on now, you just happen to look online to somehow single out and find that vid to connect to the murder? And what makes it more suspicious is that she’s claiming to not know anyone in the vid and asking the public to help identify. That’s where it seems the entire “came across this vid by chance” doesn’t add up, because there’s no way she doesn’t know who Spotemgottem is but she probably has to play it this way to keep the person who snitched hidden or not lead people to that conclusion 

One thing’s for certain though, Spotemgottem has been having bad luck after bad luck and this one may be his last. Word is that he’s in hiding after the news clip surfaced with his video for the murder. He’s an artist, he has to perform, everyone knows who he is so hiding may prove difficult and surely the feds are on his trail. I’ll be paying close attention to this case for any updates. You know I got ya’ll with the info everyone else misses. Pray for Spotemgottem. The world against bro right now. Tell me what you think about his latest accusation by the law? You think they really just came across that vid randomly or someone from his camp snitched on the rapper?

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