Popular “Boys Planet” Contestant Shocks With His Mature Glow-Up After A Drastic Style Change

Popular “Boys Planet” Contestant Shocks With His Mature Glow-Up After A Drastic Style Change

While Boys Planet ended several months ago, its eliminated contestants are still making waves. Several have continued in the industry, debuting in new groups.

Popular contestant Jay Chang has debuted as a member of ONEPACT. | @onepact_/Twitter

Recently, an eliminated trainee shocked many with a mature glow-up!

Ollie (also known as Liu Tianyue) joined Boys Planet as one of several Yuehua Entertainment trainees. The then 16-year-old trainee sported dark hair and had an adorable charm, with many fans declaring him their “son.”

Ollie | Mnet | Mnet

During his time on the show, Ollie earned the nickname “Ollie Wonka” following his using the line during a challenge performance of Jessi‘s “Zoom.” He was also part of the popular “Supercharger” unit alongside Woonggi, Le’v (then Zihao), NINE.i.‘s Seowon, and TOZ‘s Hart (then Haruto) and Takuto.


— mikey (@OLLIEFAN5000) March 9, 2023

“Supercharger” unit | Mnet

Ultimately, Ollie was eliminated in the 11th episode of the show, ranking 26th overall. Many were sad to see him go but were hopeful about his future.

In August 2023, Ollie was confirmed as one of 65 trainees participating in the Hong Kong-based survival program Asia Super Young. His first images from the program show him with similar styling to his on Boys Planet.

| Asia Super Young

Recently, Ollie surprised many with a more mature look and a drastic hair change.

On December 8, the GQ China Men Of The Year 2023 Gala took place, with many popular celebrities attending. Ollie left many surprised with his arrival, as he was now sporting white-blond hair!

Ollie arriving at the GQ Event! pic.twitter.com/ME0wtnF23Q

— ollie’s cast (@intaeraested) December 7, 2023

The trainee deviated from his usual styling and wore his hair “up” and parted. His all-black mixed-media outfit served as the perfect contrast.

| Ollie/Weibo | Ollie/Weibo

| Ollie/Weibo

His new look reminded many of his fellow Yuehua trainee, ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky, leading some to call him his “son.”

| Ollie/Weibo ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky

HOW YOU CAN NOT SAY RICKY’S SON pic.twitter.com/wEinA0cu2S

— َ (@sunoorui) December 7, 2023

Fans, many of whom might not have been unaware of his participation in Asia Super Young, were left surprised by his more mature-looking visuals!


— Jenosmuscles (@MiukiAiyamafuyu) December 7, 2023

Guys this not ollie wonka no more HE AL GROWN UP NOW https://t.co/kGyxrpCXQS pic.twitter.com/NTf4tVx6pf

— ddungjungzari (@nugubokdan) December 8, 2023

ollie????? what happened to ollie wonka???? pic.twitter.com/TNziCC9cPT

— 🪴 ebba 🪼 RII7E (@zaomeipresident) December 9, 2023

We wish Ollie the best of luck on Asia Super Young!

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