One Year Later: The Results Of LOONA Fans’ Boycott

K-Pop group LOONA faced an unprecedented situation last year when their devoted fanbase, known as Orbits, initiated a boycott. This drastic action stemmed from a series of events and decisions by the group’s management company BlockBerry Creative, that left fans deeply unsatisfied and concerned for the welfare of the members. The boycott, a rare occurrence in the tightly-knit world of K-Pop fandom, aimed to pressure the management into addressing these issues.

| Blockberry Creative

Fans launched the boycott to support the 12 members who had already filed for contract termination after years of mistreatment and abuse. A year into the boycott, the impact on LOONA has been significant and measurable across various platforms and metrics.

| Blockberry Creative

1. Album Sales

In stark contrast to their previous success, LOONA had zero album entries on the Circle Chart in 2023. This outcome was directly attributed to extremely low album sales, as fans refrained from purchasing new releases.

LOONA Album Sales

& — 121,874
12:00 — 111,614
# — 85,522
+ + — 68,316
X X — 45,782

436,108 copies total

— Team Loona (@loonateams) August 12, 2021

2. Social Media Following

On social media platforms, LOONA experienced a noticeable decline, losing approximately 577,000 followers. This drop reflects the reduced engagement and support from the fan community.

3. Retail Support

The boycott extended beyond just the fans. About 240 global K-Pop stores showed solidarity with Orbits by not restocking LOONA’s albums. This move further diminished the group’s presence in the retail space.

ongoing thread of kpop businesses that will not be stocking loona’s newest comeback in support of the boycott (1/?)

please send your love and support to these businesses, and be sure to encourage your local kpop shops to not stock the album!

— lilliana | ❀ chuu in dc! ❀ (@mochidalso) December 11, 2022

4. Album Pre-Orders

The anticipated album Origin [O] saw an estimated 97% drop in pre-orders. The decline was so significant that the release was indefinitely postponed, showcasing the influence of fan pressure.

대응팀에서는 앞서 공지했던바 대로 보이콧을 진행합니다.

As previously announced, we will proceed with the boycott.

— 이달의소녀 연합 대응팀(LOONA Union) (@unionloona) December 8, 2022

5. Streaming Numbers

LOONA’s streaming figures also took a hit, with a 73.2% decrease in Spotify streams in 2023 compared to previous years. Similarly, their YouTube music video views plummeted by 74.9%.

One year ago today, ORBIT decided to proceed with the boycott against BBC to support the #LOONA members on their path to freedom.

How was the impact of the boycott in numbers so far?

— loona stats (@loonastats) December 8, 2023

Despite these challenges, fans continue to express their support for the individual members of LOONA. They encourage others to support the 12 members through their personal platforms and by buying, streaming, and supporting their new groups and releases.

| Weekly Idol

This stance highlights the unique nature of the boycott: it’s not against the members but a stand against management decisions. The Orbits’ movement reflects a changing dynamic in fan-artist relationships in the K-pop industry, emphasizing respect and welfare over commercial success.

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