Netizens Turn Up Their Noses At VIXX N’s Claim To “Thirst For The Stage”

Netizens Turn Up Their Noses At VIXX N’s Claim To “Thirst For The Stage”

In a recent interview with XSports, VIXX‘s N, also known as Cha Hakyeon, spoke up about being unable to participate in the group’s new album. He sat down for a chat on December 8, 2023, with a reporter, to speak about his role in Castaway Diva. He was also asked about his failure to participate in VIXX’s comeback, CONTINUUM.

The members had shown N lots of consideration and support.

The members told me in between filming to take care of myself. The music video was really cool. Hyuk participated in producing a lot this time, so when I told him that he worked really hard, he told me thank you. That was when I felt sorry for them, but they told me that they knew I was more sad about it [than the members]. I understand why the fans were upset, and I thought that I needed to do better in the future. Talks about the album started in April, and the members and I talked for a long time. I had already decided on Castaway Diva, and the filming for the role of Woo Hak was too similar in schedule to the album preparations. I wanted to participate, so I spent a long time trying to adjust the timings. I thought that it was a natural thing for people to be upset about me not being able to participate.

— N

| XSports

N also spoke about the group’s plans for the future and expressed a strong desire to return to the stage.


They said that I would be the saddest about it, and so they hoped that [the drama] would do well. As the leader and the oldest, I’m sorry about it, so I’m trying to cheer them on more. We texted yesterday too, and they’re doing so well that I can do nothing else but cheer them on. We also talked about plans for [the next album]. I think that the members could’ve been sad about it too. I am able to talk about this because they are so considerate of me. When they finished their interview, Leo called me. I thought that I really had to do better and be a better friend and hyung. I also grew so fond of them. We keep talking about the next album, and what would be good to do then. If this goes on, and a good opportunity comes, I’d like to show myself as a part of VIXX. I want to soothe the fans’ upset feelings too. I’m going to do better and make more of an effort. I always have a thirst for the stage. Seeing the recent groups nowadays, my blood is boiling. My thirst for the stage is still here as always. I feel that my capabilities are too lacking for me to do everything [at once].

— N

N is Castaway Diva.

Although N has expressed his wishes to return as a singer, netizens and fans are not taking the revelation well. They criticized him for being “hypocritical,” as he ultimately prioritized his acting.

Netizen comments. | theqoo If you’re thirsty, drink some water ^^ It would be good if he just keeps his mouth shut. Isn’t this sort of interview more hurtful for fans? If he really wants to, he can just participate in the group’s activities. His words don’t match his actions. Why is he doing so many interviews? If he wanted to, he would. It’s not that he can’t, but he isn’t. Only words. No, but why is he only talking about the stage through interviews? Just keep on acting. Is he trying to do a musical or make a solo debut? So he’s saying his number one priority is acting anyway… Actions speak louder than words. Whenever I see people who speak too much during interviews, it’s convincing but they always don’t act upon their words.

The news first hit the fan in early November, 2023, after it was reported that the group would be making a full comeback for the first time in five years. N penned a handwritten letter to tell fans that he would not be able to join in. Fans were devastated and critical, telling him to step down from his role as a leader.

Third-Gen Idol-Actor “Abandons” Group, K-Netizens Express Anger

The news was not well-received for many idol members fail to put the group in priority as they juggle individual schedules and promotions too.

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