Macabre Synth-Punk Artist OWLS Debuts Video for “Bury Me”

In the lush landscape of Ireland’s hills and dales, the musical entity known as OWLS crafts beats and melodies that echo the enigmatic pulsing of stars in the night sky. Their sound, a unique blend of post-punk, techno, and EBM, is an invitation to lose oneself on the dance floor, blending rhythmic beats with a hint of macabre charm. This intriguing mix is perfectly suited for those who appreciate a touch of theatrical flair in their music, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the experience.

This past year has unfolded as a whirlwind of activity for OWLS. A packed schedule featuring headline shows in Dublin, appearances at summer festivals, and participation in various underground events has provided ample opportunity for the artist to refine and perfect his live performances, which have become renowned for their dynamic energy and synth-punk vigour.

Now, in a striking return to the studio, OWLS presents Bury Me, a track that delves into the depths of human emotion and experience. This new release stands out for its uncompromisingly dark tone, weaving the introspective essence of post-punk with the rhythmic intensity of techno. The track is characterized by haunting, almost abrasive vocals that serve as a guide through a complex emotional landscape, resonating with themes of life, death, and the tumultuous interplay between the two. In Bury Me, OWLS profoundly explores the human condition, set against a backdrop of compelling beats and poignant lyricism.

The video for the song was shot by Nathan Sheridan on location in Longford, Ireland. “It features a decrepit primary school, a Ford Cortina and aubergines,” he quips. The visual landscape Sheridan creates spans from the stark austerity of the abandoned architecture, providing a backdrop that is as captivating and thought-provoking as the song itself. The entire scene unfolds with stark, bold lines and sombre tones, setting a tone for a creepy little mystery with s a surprise ending. Is it a reference to everyone’s favourite emoji? We’ll let you decide for yourself.

Watch the video for “Bury Me” below:

Owl’s “Bury Me” is currently out via digital release. A very special 12″ limited edition vinyl will be available via Blowtorch Records.

Catch Owls live at the Pawn Shop Bunker on Dame Street in Dublin on Saturday, the 16th of December.

Bury Me by OWLS

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