Florida Post-Punk Outfit Soda Die Make Their Debut in Video for “Keep Working”

Florida Post-Punk Outfit Soda Die Make Their Debut in Video for “Keep Working”

You know that feeling when you’re at the laundromat and decide to use your leftover change to quench your thirst from the vending machine, dancing to the rhythm of everyday tasks — where the jingle of change harmonizes with the captivating beat in your pocket? In that symphony of daily life, it’s Florida’s post-punk outfit Soda Die with their debut track “Keep Working” blaring in your AirPods that really brings the vibe home.

The song arrives with a demeanour that’s as relaxed as a Sunday brunch but with an experimental edge that might just have you spilling your drink. One can’t help but detect echoes of Mac DeMarco’s laid-back vibes, a dash of Beck’s earlier quirkiness, a hint of Ought’s introspection, all while nodding to the likes of Ween, Television, Captain Beefheart, and Alex Cameron.

Keep Working immediately seizes the listener’s attention, not unlike a captivating dinner guest who somehow manages to be both profound and whimsically offbeat. The vocals and guitar engage in a sort of melodic banter, a back-and-forth that’s as seamless as an old married couple finishing each other’s sentences, setting a rhythm that’s subtly catchy – think toe-tapping under the table rather than full-blown dance fever.

Thematically, the song’s a bit like a musical meditation session, drawing inspiration from the deep wells of Vipassana. The track is on a quest for enlightenment, but wouldn’t mind stopping at 7-11 for a snack along the way. At its core, the raw and expressive vocal performance guides us through a landscape of emotions, with a narrative voice that’s as robust and gritty as an overbrewed cup of diner coffee – deeply flavourful, if not a little intense.

The video for Keep Working, directed by Joe Whalen/Whalebone Designs, addresses the difficulty of being present: focusing not on the labourious aspect, but rather working on oneself and finding ways to be more present. This is a BBQ we wanna crash.

Watch the video for “Keep Working” below:

Stay tuned for more from Soda Die.

Keep Working by Soda Die

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