Australian Darkwave Act Chiffon Magnifique Debuts Video for Cover of Amy Shark’s “Adore”

Australian Darkwave Act Chiffon Magnifique Debuts Video for Cover of Amy Shark’s “Adore”

I kick the gutter
Break my bones
Ancient gravestones
Watch me, watch her take the throne
She’s known as the ancient mother
Anybody else wanna touch my lover

Red Tape Pictures has unveiled a visually captivating music video for Adore by Australia’s Chiffon Magnifique, a mesmerizing reinterpretation of the well-known track originally composed by Gold Coast artist Amy Shark. This rendition is part of the compilation album House Keys II from 4000 Records, which features a distinctive array of local Brisbane talents covering songs from fellow artists in Brisbane and South-East Queensland.

At the helm of Chiffon Magnifique is Jed A. Walters, an artist with a visionary approach. Walters embraced this project as a chance to explore the intricacies of pop music craftsmanship. In his rendition of Adore, Walters delves deep into the elements that give a pop song its resonance – the melody, lyrics, and chord progressions. His choice to cover this particular song stems from a shared history and mutual experiences in the Gold Coast milieu.

“Amy Shark and my old industrial/coldwave synth-and-drums duo Tesla Cøils came up in the same little Gold Coast music venues,” says Walters. “Back in the day, the scene was narrower, and the venues were tiny, not equipped to create the subculture we enjoy in the Gold Coast today.”

In 2016, Amy Shark’s meteoric rise and the success of Adore in the Triple J Hottest 100 marked a turning point. “I became kind of jaded after that because my band didn’t really go anywhere, but it made sense,” Walters admits. “She was making commercially viable pop music, and I was making electronic industrial space-rock about cyborg dinosaurs that was super left-field.”

In the Chiffon Magnifique reinterpretation, Walters ventures into the realm of musical alchemy, shifting the song’s original major key to a more introspective and melancholic minor key. This transformation imbues the track with a new emotional depth, resonating with the influences of Sisters of Mercy, Drab Majesty, and Pixies. Walters further enhances the song’s texture by incorporating twangy guitar riffs, adding a layer of complexity and richness to the composition. This inventive approach pays homage to the original work and showcases Walters’ artistic ingenuity.

The music video, crafted by Clint Lewis of Red Tape Pictures, transports viewers into a visually enthralling and hauntingly beautiful realm. Featuring performances by Shakira Tanah, Desiré Kellson, and Heaven Arici, the video is a cinematic exploration of the central theme of adoration. Intricately designed miniatures by Jacqueline Lewis add depth and texture to the narrative.

Central to the video is Chiffon Magnifique’s poignant performance, depicted holding a mannequin, an imagery that adds to the eerie and surreal atmosphere. This creative visual representation complements the song’s transformed mood, weaving together the auditory and visual to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience.

“Clint approached me with his idea for this video,” Walters says. “He had some footage from another shoot left on the cutting room floor, so to speak. He wanted to re-film more footage with myself performing the song in the same spooky environment, with dollhouses, trinkets, junk…basically the classic environment of a tortured artist. The titular adoration comes through with the way I’m holding this mannequin and singing to her. I think it turned out super cute. Clint has an amazing approach to atmospheres and editing. I really look up to him as a filmmaker.”

Watch the video for “Adore” below:

All proceeds from this album contribute to the unwavering support of community radio station 4zzz, an entity that has played a pivotal role in Chiffon Magnifique’s artistic journey.

House Keys 2 is available to purchase here:

House Keys 2 by Chiffon Magnifique

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