Why Is Cam’ron Dissing Melyssa Ford From The ‘Joe Budden Podcast?’

Why Is Cam’ron Dissing Melyssa Ford From The ‘Joe Budden Podcast?’


For the past few days, podcast hosts Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford have been going back and forth, generating quite a bit of buzz among the fans of both shows as the two millennial favorites unfurl their friction for all the world to see.

If you are up on everything that’s happened, here’s a quick refresher.

Who Is Melyssa Ford?

Ford, who currently appears as a co-host on The Joe Budden Podcast, started her career much like her co-host and her new rival — in the world of rap. However, where they rose to fame behind the mic, she did so in front of the camera as an in-demand video vixen, appearing in clips from the likes of Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, Mystikal, Jadakiss, and Usher. In the mid-2010s, after making a run at a film and television career, she made the pivot to podcasting, appearing on the Hollywood Unlocked show until 2020 when she started her own show. She joined the Joe Budden Podcast earlier this year.

What Did Melyssa Ford Say About Cam’ron?

It was during a recent episode of Joe’s show that Ford started the feud. Responding to Cam’s on-air anecdote about a wild trip to a brothel in the ’90s, Ford wondered aloud, “Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?” While she was chastised by her co-host, when Cam learned of her comments, he went all the way off.

Chiiiile, Melyssa Ford added her two cents to a conversation concerning Camron and Mase running a train on a girl in a whore house:

“Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?”

Damn, what level Melyssa on? Why this ain’t get… pic.twitter.com/5Ua61t3Wq7

— Mílagro (@MobzWorld) December 3, 2023

What Did Cam’ron Say About Melyssa Ford?

Back on Cam’ron’s show, It Is What It Is with fellow Harlem rapper Mase, the de facto Dipset top man addressed Ford’s remarks, saying, “Tread lightly. Be careful ’cause I’ll tell you one thing: I know a lot of people at ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. I’ll have you escorted back up across the border [Ford is originally from Canada]… It screams desperation. We’ll get a petition to get you out the country. Cut it out.”

Camron warns Melyssa Ford that he’ll get her deported back to Canada after her comment on the Joe Budden podcast insinuating Mase and him was messing with underage girls pic.twitter.com/EdV9n5fVl5

— I Speak For The Streets (@marl0stanfield_) December 5, 2023

Ford later apologized, but Cam wasn’t having it. During an Instagram Live stream, he denied her suggestion that and Mase had sex with underage girls, then called her apology “fake” and accused her of escorting herself.

“First of all, I only like older b*ches,” he said. “Second of all, it was 1992 — we were underage! I just turned 16!” Shutting down her apology, he fumed, “You can’t just say sh*t like that and two days later be like, ‘Oh, my bad. I wasn’t thinking.’ You damn right you wasn’t thinking! Why say that in the beginning?… I could’ve went straight to: Ice-T f*cked you in the bathroom for $2,000 when you was doing waitressing. I didn’t even go there! You used to f*ck in the bathroom at the Kit Kat Club or one of them old-ass clubs. Stop, you a video vixen!”

He also couldn’t help getting in a jab at his fellow rapper turned show host (who can’t seem to stop getting himself into these situations). “Shout out to Joe Buddens for hiring all these washed n****s,” he cracked. “You should open up a dry cleaning.”

Cam’ron goes OFF on IG live addressing the entire Joe Budden Podcast cast after Melyssa Ford alleged him & Mase were with underaged girls in a wh*rehouse

he’s thinking about suing them for defamation

“you could’ve deleted it.. shout out to Joe Buddens for hiring all these… pic.twitter.com/BMmFFkykXP

— SOUND (@itsavibe) December 7, 2023

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