Top Actress Admits Leaving To America To Protect Boyfriend From “Witch Hunt”

Top Actress Admits Leaving To America To Protect Boyfriend From “Witch Hunt”

Actress Han Ye Seul revealed that she left for America to protect her boyfriend.

Han Ye Seul | @Han_ye_seul_/Instagram

On December 8, Han Ye Seul surprised fans by releasing a YouTube video.

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The actress, who had taken a months-long break from her channel amid her legal battle with the late controversial YouTuber Kim Yong Ho, spoke about her legal battle and his ultimate demise.

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Kim Yong Ho was recently found dead in what authorities have ruled a suicide.

I don’t know. To be honest, I felt he could have turned his life around and start a new life, but I felt bad for him that he lost that chance.

— Han Ye Seul

The actress continued speaking about her legal ordeal, revealing that the process was taxing and difficult, and explained why she had taken the YouTuber to court.

Going to court was so stressful. It isn’t easy suing and going to trial. I was exhausted by all of this, when all of a sudden, it all ended. This chapter was done, finished. My lawsuit was over. The incident disappeared. There was no defendant.

Rather than be scared, I couldn’t forgive him for his evil deeds. How was this allowed in our society? He was making murderous remarks. I decided to take him on in court, thinking this was going to either make or break me.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul then detailed the mental toll the lawsuit had on her boyfriend and revealed that she took him to America to protect him.

I had become accustomed to witch hunts because of my work and had always trained myself for it. Because of this, I wasn’t as affected as people think. But I was worried for my boyfriend, and out of fear that he was suffering inside, I took him to America to show him that there was a bigger world out there. He has gotten much better and has become healthier. He is now very happy. He gives me so much joy. He is someone who heals me soul.

— Han Ye Seul

Meanwhile, Han Ye Seul sued Kim Yong Ho after he had alleged that she was the infamous actress implicated in the Burning Sun scandal. The YouTuber also claimed that her boyfriend was a sex worker who worked at a Host Bar, which are room salons worked by men.

Kim Yong Ho was found dead in a Busan Hotel in October of this year.

Controversial YouTuber Kim Yong Ho Found Dead In Busan Hotel

You can watch Han Ye Seul’s full video in the link below.

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