Popular Singer Responds To Long-Standing Dating Rumors With Idol

Popular Singer Responds To Long-Standing Dating Rumors With Idol

Singer Junggigo addressed his dating rumors with Soyou.

Junggigo (left) and Soyou (right) | Gyeonggi Ilbo

On December 7, the singer was a guest on Soyou’s YouTube show. Junggigo is best remembered for his hit single “Some,” which featured Soyou.

In the YouTube video, Junggigo and Soyou revealed that this was the first time they had seen each other in 2 years. The singers also spoke about the times they drank together and how Soyou is a much stronger drinker than Junggigo.

We kept in touch, but this is the first time seeing each other in 2 years. I remember the first time we drank, I threw up and had to crawl home. She drank soju in a tall glass. One time, during a company outing, Soyou broke a beer glass while mixing soju and beer. That taught me to stay on her good side.

— Junggigo

Junggigo also spoke about the longstanding dating rumors between the singer and Soyou. According to Junggigo, the rumors all stemmed from a music show performance and weren’t true.

One time while performing, I made a funny face (away from the camera). We both laughed because of this, and people started alleging we were dating. Later, I heard rumors claiming that we had broken up.

— Junggigo

Meanwhile, Junggigo then revealed that he was returning as a singer. You can watch the two singers together in the link below.

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