Korean Reality Show Is Under Fire For Airing Scene With Young Boys Showering

Korean Reality Show Is Under Fire For Airing Scene With Young Boys Showering

A KBS reality show is under fire for showing an uncomfortable scene where young boys are showering.

“Mr. House Husband” poster | KBS

In the recent broadcast of Mr. House Husband, the daily life of former baseball player Choi Kyung Hwan and his wife Park Yeo Won‘s family was revealed. Mr. House Husband is a show where men compete against each other in tasks related to housekeeping and parenting.

Choi Kyung Hwan (left) and Park Yeo Won (right) on “Mr. House Husband.” | KBS

In the episode that aired on December 6, Choi Kyung Hwan’s children were shown taking a shower. Although the production team covered parts of the children’s bodies with leaf-shaped stickers, their nakedness was still clearly visible.

The scene shows Choi Kyung Hwan’s sons showering on “Mr. House Husband.” | KBSKBS

Viewers found the scene uncomfortable and raised criticism against the production team. They argued that airing scenes of children showering naked, even with parts covered, is inappropriate.


There was also an angle where the showering children were filmed from a lower angle, from inside the bathtub. Viewers expressed confusion about the reason behind such a camera angle.


Audiences left comments like, “Why on earth would they film such scenes?” “They’re not very young, so this is uncomfortable,” and “Did the children agree to do this?” among other reactions.

Last September, Mr. House Husband faced controversy for showing former baseball player Hong Sung Heon and his wife discussing their son’s circumcision surgery. At that time, the production team apologized to the public, who found the scene uncomfortable and claimed it was the family’s voluntary decision to include it. Despite this explanation, they acknowledged that the scene caused discomfort and pledged to be more cautious in future broadcasts.

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