King Petty: Cam’ron Refuses Melyssa Ford’s Apology Over Under Age Allegations

King Petty: Cam’ron Refuses Melyssa Ford’s Apology Over Under Age Allegations

Source: Legion Media Group / Legion media group

Even though Cam’ron says he has matured he is the last rapper you want to play with. Killa has refused Melyssa Ford’s apology and dissed her in one fell swoop.

XXL Magazine is reporting that the Diplomats member isn’t trying to hear what the legendary video model has to say. On a recent episode of It Is What It Is Cam’ron recalled a time when he and his cohost MA$E were patronizing a local brothel in New York City. While the story was intended to shine a light on a funny moment between them during their younger years, Melyssa felt the “Horse & Carriage” rappers might have been engaging with an underaged female. “Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that wh*re house?” she asked on The Joe Budden Podcast.

Naturally the commentary got back to Cam’ron and he quickly adjusted his petty crown. “Be careful. I tell you one thing, I know a lot of people in ICE. Snipers, sharpshooters and I know people in ICE” he said alluding to Ford’s Canadian roots. “:I’ll have you escorted back across the border. Be careful. It scream desperation, but we’ll get a petition to get you out the country. Cut it out. I’ll get her out the country. I’ll make two calls, man.”

#Camron says that he “knows people in ICE,” and he can get her “escorted back up across the border” after Melyssa Ford made up a scenario out of air trying to #MeToo him and #Mase

— Nikki Tha God (@NikkiThaGodB1) December 6, 2023

Melyssa Ford would go on to apologize to Cam’ron and MA$E on the following episode of TJBP saying “I apologize, I should never have made that insinuation,” Melyssa said. But it seems Cam felt the damage had already been done and went at her again on an Instagram post that featured the two taking a picture on what seems to be at a formal event. “I told the b**** ‘don’t touch me’ when we took this pic. F*** you and ya apology!! Stay strong and Stand on business!!” he wrote.

Cam standing on bidness, Melyssa Ford should’ve never tried to insinuate that he was a pedo.

— MY NAME IS MY NAME (@ctreid89) December 6, 2023

Earlier today (December 7) Cam’ron continued clapping back at her and shared screenshots of Instagram removing the above post about her because it had been flagged for bullying. Melyssa Ford has yet to comment further on the situation.

Update: The saga continues.

Cam’ron goes OFF on IG live addressing the entire Joe Budden Podcast cast after Melyssa Ford alleged him & Mase were with underaged girls in a wh*rehouse

he’s thinking about suing them for defamation

“you could’ve deleted it.. shout out to Joe Buddens for hiring all these…

— SOUND (@itsavibe) December 7, 2023

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