It Costs At Least $300 To Join BTS Jungkook’s Latest TikTok Trend

It Costs At Least $300 To Join BTS Jungkook’s Latest TikTok Trend

BTS Jungkook‘s “3D” is trending nearly three months after its release.

BTS’s Jungkook

W&K’s sped-up version of Jungkook and Jack Harlow‘s “3D” has been trending with 85.7K posts on TikTok at the time of writing, thanks to a new trend. It features content creators recording themselves with their phone only to put it down, continuing to capture themselves singing and dancing in a mirror. Sometimes, they will also spin around to show the rest of the room.


wanna see it in motion in 3d (ray ban x meta glasses slay) rayban meta

♬ som original – W&K


и Диас себе купил

♬ som original – W&K


♬ som original – W&K

If you’re confused about how they could continue recording without their phone’s camera… What did each content creator have in common? They were wearing glasses!


we had to 🫰 keep the hands-free POVs coming #RayBanMeta #smartglasses #cameraglasses

♬ som original – W&K


♬ som original – W&K

Luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses brand Ray-Ban and technology company Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) teamed up for a new pair of “smart glasses.” It features a camera and speaker to record videos, take photos, and live stream. The cost ranges from $299 to $329 USD!

| Ray-Ban

Two styles are available, “Wayfarer” and “Headliner,” and seven color options. You can also get prescription glasses.


While not everyone can spend $300 USD for a TikTok trend, some content creators have gotten creative. Some have even taped their mobile phone to their glasses.


저도 카메라 안경 샀습니다

♬ som original – W&K


Imagine if i had the Meta glasses … also the confetti seemed like a good idea at the time #ceilingfanceo

♬ som original – W&K


cant afford the ray ban glasses #samsungtab

♬ som original – W&K

Some have wondered what those who have made the purchase will do with the glasses once the trend is over, and many are already planning on using them to record while attending concerts.

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