Fans Are Convinced That Nicki Minaj Dissed Latto On ‘Fallin 4 U’ From Her New Album ‘Pink Friday 2’

Nicki Minaj has helped save December, which often ends up being the most boring month of the year in terms of music releases, with her new album, Pink Friday 2. Since the project was released at midnight, fans have been appreciating the music and exploring Minaj’s latest lyrics. Some believe that at one point on the record, Minaj takes a stab at Latto.

Does Nicki Minaj diss Latto on “Fallin 4 U” from Pink Friday 2?

According to Genius, towards the end of the third verse of “Fallin 4 U,” Minaj raps, “Picture you endin’ up under the seat, where the dread at? / Picture not listenin’ when I said that you would dread that / I mean locs, ho, you-you’s a chop ho.” Some, though, have heard the final line as, “I mean locked, ho, you’s a chop ho,” or, “I mean Latto, you’s a chop ho,” as XXL notes.

The lyric as it appears on Genius seems to make the most sense logically, given that the reference to “locs” connects with the “dread” (as in the type of hair) lyric from the previous lines. Still, some listeners took to social media to comment about the supposed Latto diss.

“Picture you not listening when I said you would dread that. I mean Latto, you’s a chop h*e”
oh Nicki Minaj… ur insane.

— welp. (@YSLONIKA) December 8, 2023

Streets saying Nicki threw some shots at Latto. Love me a good scratch off diss, so imma give her some .5’s for that one

— F✧REVA HAS A PROBLEM (@forevasznn) December 8, 2023

nicki is so funny for sonically overlaying latto with locs hoe she got everyone confused af #PinkFriday2

— 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙞 ᴺᴹ (@BARIJUKU) December 8, 2023

Of course, there is some history here, as last year, there was some Twitter (back when it was still called that) beef between the two rappers.

Listen to “Fallin 4 U” above.

Pink Friday 2 is out now via Young Money/Republic Records. Find more information here.

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