BTS’s Jungkook Pays For An ARMY’s Albums

An ARMY shockingly revealed BTS‘s Jungkook paid for her albums.

BTS’s Jungkook

Chloe (@cyouinseoul on TikTok) posted a video recently, sharing how Jungkook paid for her GOLDEN albums. She explained that she has monetized some of her videos, so she can sometimes profit from viral videos.

Jungkook paid for my albums. Basically, he did because I’m a part of the TikTok Creaitivty Program Beta program. I do have some of my TikTok videos monetized.

— Chloe

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One video in particular of Jungkook garnered traction among ARMYs. The money she made from it was the amount needed to purchase her GOLDEN albums!

The money generated from that video was the literal cost of my albums. So, I thought you know Jungkook gave me money, I might as well give it back to him…

— Chloe

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So, Chloe did a little unboxing, showing off her pulls. She also thanked Jungkook for helping her!

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The viral video in question is one in which Chloe saw Jungkook at Music Bank from a distance. Due to where Chloe was standing, she had to film him through another person’s legs. The absurdity of the angle made the video go viral, with 685.8K views at the time of writing.


Saw Jungkook but not in the way I expected also why did the fansite/data seller guy have to stand on his ladder on the top step when he literally had barricade and could see comepletely fine #jungkook #btsjungkook #army #btsarny #musicbank #korea #seoul #jungkook3D #방탄소년단 #정국

♬ 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) – Jung Kook & Jack Harlow

Thanks to the viral video, Jungkook bought Chloe her albums!

Watch Chloe’s video below.


Jungkook paid for my albums haha thank you Jungkook🫶 #jungkook #golden #jungkookgolden #jungkookalbum #kpop #bts #btsarmy

♬ original sound – Chloe – Chloe

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