Border Goth Trio The Slashes Debut Dark Guitar Driven Cover of B-Movie’s “Nowhere Girl”

Border Goth Trio The Slashes Debut Dark Guitar Driven Cover of B-Movie’s “Nowhere Girl”

The year was 1980, and a new wave band by the name of B-Movie emerged onto the music scene with their hit track “Nowhere Girl.” Comprising of four talented musicians hailing from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, the band members included Steve Hovington on vocals, Paul Statham on guitar, Rick Holliday on synth, and Graham Boffey on drums. Though they weren’t exactly The Beatles in terms of fame, they did leave an indelible smudge on the New Wave canvas, even joining many luminaries on the 1981 Some Bizzare Compilation. (Statham would later go on to play guitar with Peter Murphy, co-writing several of Murphy’s solo albums and one of Dido’s hit singles).

Nowhere Girl, B-Movie’s claim to near-fame, sways with atmospheric synths and a catchy bass line – a perfect echo of the era’s existential ennui. The song, a bit gloomy yet undeniably catchy, wiggled its way into the hearts of alternative music enthusiasts in the early 80s. Fast forward to the present, and Nowhere Girl continues to reverberate through the echoes of time…and, fitting to their moniker, maintaining B-Movie’s cult status. It’s been remixed and reimagined more times than one can count.

Enter The Slashes, a ‘Border Goth trio with a penchant for post-punk.’ They’ve decided to take a whack at Nowhere Girl, infusing it with their own blend of zesty guitar, peppy drums, and vocals deep enough to make the Mariana Trench look like a culvert by the highway. In their hands, the song takes on a menacing, spookier new life, proving that even after four decades, Nowhere Girl can still be the coolest kid in the music block.

Listen below, and find the single on Bandcamp here:

Nowhere Girl by The Slashes

In 2015, The Slashes, featuring Esteban Rene on guitar and vocals, Beto Bautista on bass, and Carlos Robles on drums, debuted with a self-titled album. Produced by Alan Sanderson, known for working with The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello, the album showcased their raw, adrenaline-fueled sound.

The Slashes’ debut album earned critical acclaim and a Best Rock nomination at the San Diego Music Awards. They’ve since rocked Southern California, playing at renowned venues like Santa Ana’s The Observatory, LA’s Rainbow Bar, and San Diego’s The Casbah.

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