Beyhive, Assemble: Halle Bailey Needs Help Figuring Out What The Heck To Get Beyoncé For Christmas

There’s still some time left for holiday shopping, and those of you who haven’t finished that process yet know that some people can be difficult to buy for. Then, there’s Halle Bailey’s to-buy-for list, which features Beyoncé and Oprah. What does one get for two people who can buy essentially anything they’ve ever wanted? That’s the situation Bailey faces right now, and she asked Jimmy Kimmel for some help.

Bailey was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (December 7) in promotion of her role in The Color Purple, and towards the end of the chat, they talked about Oprah Winfrey (a producer on the movie) and building a relationship with her. Kimmel wondered if Bailey has to buy her a Christmas present, and Bailey responded, “So that’s really hard to think about, because I’ve been thinking about all my Christmas presents I have to give this year, because there’s so many people that have helped me on this journey of this whole year: Beyoncé, now Oprah’s one of them. And it’s so hard to think of: What could you get them? Do you have any ideas? Because I don’t know.”

Kimmel had an idea ready to go quickly, but that speed came at the expense of quality: He responded, “Well, you know, everybody likes a popcorn bucket. Maybe find out what their favorite team is. Beyoncé’s from Houston, maybe get her an Astros popcorn bucket?”

After offering a couple more ideas (fancy pretzels and bath soaps), he asked Bailey how his attempts were landed and she gave a polite, “You know, they’re OK.”

A cruel twist of fate would be Bailey thinking gifts like those are beneath Beyoncé and Oprah, but it turns out they’re used to fancier things and would therefore actually appreciate a change of pace with a more humble present. (Maybe Bailey could find something on one of our 2023 holiday gift guides?)

Check out the interview above.

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