Australian Synth Project Blood Circle Debuts Video for “Crimson” Featuring Long Hours

Australian Synth Project Blood Circle Debuts Video for “Crimson” Featuring Long Hours

In the labyrinthine corridors of the mind, where artistry and dread intertwine, Australian musician Simon Parker (Midnight Juggernauts, New Buffalo) found himself ensnared in a profound contemplation of mortality. This introspection, sparked during a conversation about the stark finality of heart attacks, kindled a creative fervour within him. As the prospect of sudden death loomed like an unbidden tempest, Parker grappled with the fragility of existence. This lurking dread, a silent sentinel, whispered of life’s impermanence, urging him to seek solace in the ephemeral beauty of our fleeting moments and express them in music via Blood Circle.

The culmination of this philosophical sojourn is his latest musical offering, CRIMSON. This eerie track is a bold, genre-defying opus, a triumphant defiance against the spectres of fear. It presents a palette of auditory experiences as diverse and delightful to the senses as the multitudes offered in a candy shop.

“After spending many years as a professional drummer I slowly lost the passion for touring and was no longer happy with taking a back seat to songwriting,” Parker admits. “I decided to take a break to start creating my own music, and so Blood Circle was born.”

CRIMSON, which features the incredible vocals of Melbourne’s Long Hours, echoes the avant-garde electronica of Aphex Twin melded with the atmospheric soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine. Into this surreal gathering, Soulwax makes an unanticipated entrance, infusing the ambiance with their distinctive flair. This auditory collage is further enriched with the otherworldly synth melodies reminiscent of John Carpenter, interspersed with the quirky, rhythmic nuances of NEU. The intensity of The Sisters of Mercy, albeit with a (non) goth twist, converges with the subtle, unexpected whispers of Men Without Hats.

In CRIMSON, Blood Circle crafts a thrilling expedition through a musical terrain both heart-stopping and demon-exorcising. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, sans the traditional constraints of theme park rides, offering a soundtrack that elevates the experience beyond the mundane, a journey with no prerequisites other than the willingness to be swept away by the rhythm.

The DIY video features vintage stock footage interspersed with performance, making it a visual treat as well.

Watch below:

You can also stream and purchase the song below:

CRIMSON Feat. Long Hours by Blood Circle

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