These big movie projects have all been cancelled this year

A number of big movie projects have been cancelled in 2023, with studios rethinking their plans and the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes shaking up the industry.

Many films and TV shows have been delayed or affected by the strikes in some way, as writers, actors, and crews fought for better work protections.

While plenty of movies weathered that storm and an ever-evolving industry, not every project has been so lucky. Here are the movies that have been cancelled so far this year.

Which movies have been cancelled in 2023?

Kevin Feige’s untitled Star Wars movie

Kevin Feige CREDIT: Alberto Rodriguez/Deadline via Getty Images

Marvel boss Kevin Feige was being slated to enter a galaxy far, far away with his own Star Wars movie, but we’ll no longer get to see what he would do with our favourite Jedis. Asked by ET at The Marvels premiere if the project was still happening, Feige replied concisely: “No.” Meanwhile, a report from Variety confirmed the movie was “no longer in active development at Lucasfilm”.

Rogue Squadron

Patty Jenkins CREDIT: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ELLE

Another director who was set to make the jump from a superhero universe to an intergalactic one was Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins. Her Star Wars movie had gotten a bit further into development than Feige’s – so much so that it had a name, Rogue Squadron. That couldn’t help keep it alive, though, with it pulled from Disney’s slate. For her part, Jenkins has said she’s still developing it, but doesn’t know “if it will happen or not”.

Coyote vs Acme

John Cena CREDIT: Jason Mendez/Getty Images

John Cena’s Coyote vs Acme made it all the way through production to test screenings but has ultimately been shelved by Warners. The film was set to combine animation and live-action and was based on a satirical article in the New Yorker that was published over 30 years ago and followed cartoon character Wile E. Coyote hiring a billboard lawyer to sue Acme after its products failed to help him best Roadrunner. A spokesperson for Warners told The Hollywood Reporter the decision came due to the studio “shift[ing] its global strategy to focus on theatrical releases”.

Good Fortune

Aziz Ansari CREDIT: Brian Feinzimer/Variety via Getty Images

Aziz Ansari was set to direct and star in this comedy, with Seth Rogen and Keanu Reeves also signed up to appear. However, when the writers strike hit, production in LA’s Koreatown was picketed, and the project was eventually shut down indefinitely. There is the potential for it to be revived in the future, but no news since May doesn’t bode well for the project.

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