NOFX Announce 2024 North American Tour, Including Final Shows Ever

NOFX Announce 2024 North American Tour, Including Final Shows Ever

NOFX have announced the final shows of their farewell tour, which will see them sign off for good after a 40-year career.

The Los Angeles punk band have added 15 additional dates to their ‘40 Years, 40 Cities, 40 Songs Per Day Tour’, and they will end the run with three hometown shows in October 2024.

Tickets for the new shows are on sale here.

Speaking about playing their final dates, frontman Fat Mike has said: “We’ve played over 2000 shows in 33 countries, in more than 300 cities and darn it…we’re a bit tired. One thing I know in my heart…this is going to be the most emotional, heartbreaking, greatest tour of our career. I’ve never been so excited and at the same time terrified. Mostly excited…”

NOFX. CREDIT: Susan Moss

Last September, Fat Mike told fans on Instagram that the band would be breaking up in 2023, having formed in 1983. “It’s been an amazing run,” he wrote at the time.

In January, the band announced a string of US and UK dates, which took place between April and September.

“This is not a final tour like Mötley Crüe or Black Sabbath,” Fat Mike said in a statement at the time. “These are the very last shows NOFX will ever be playing. We are gonna play with all our hearts…With all our joy…And then we are done. We are done done.”

Last December, NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin suggested the band could still release new music after retiring from touring. “He still wants to record and release records as NOFX,” Melvin said, referring to Fat Mike. “So we’ll see how that works because they kind of go hand-in-hand, but they don’t have to.”

NOFX released their latest album ‘Double Album’ in December 2022, while Fat Mike launched a new band called Codefendants, which he described as a “genre fluid musical collective — a cross between hip hop, new-wave, flamenco, and the Beatles”.

NOFX will play:

January 2024 

20 – Sydney, AU, The Hordern Pavilion
21 – Sydney, AU, The Hordern Pavilion
23 – Brisbane, AU, The Fortitude Music Hall
24 – Brisbane, AU, The Fortitude Music Hall
26 – West Melbourne, AU, Festival Hall
27 – West Melbourne, AU, Festival Hall

April 2024 

06 – Fort Worth, TX, Panther Island
04/13 – Salt Lake City, UT, Pioneer Park

May 2024 

11 – Sesto San Giovanni, IT, Carroponte
12 – Sesto San Giovanni, IT, Carroponte
14 – Madrid, ES, Wizink Center
16 – Chambéry, FR, Le Phare – Grand Chambéry
18 – Eindhoven, NL, Ketelhuisplein
19 – Eindhoven, NL, Ketelhuisplein
21 – Copenhagen, DK, Grey Hall
23 – Hamburg, DE, Docks
25 – Hanover, DE, Faust Open Air
30 – Ljubljana, SL, Media Center

June 2024 

01 – Saarbrücken, DE, Open Air am E-Werk
04 – Vienna, AT, Arena Open Air
05 – Vienna, AT, Arena Open Air
07 – Augsburg, DE, Gaswerk Open Air
08 – Berlin, DE, Zitadelle Spandau
09 – Berlin, DE, Zitadelle Spandau
29 – Portland, OR, Waterfront Park
30 – Portland, OR, Waterfront Park

July 2024 

20 – Denver, CO, The Stockyards
21 – Denver, CO, The Stockyards

August 2024 

10 – Edmonton, AB, Fan Park at Ice District
11 – Edmonton, AB, Fan Park at Ice District
23 – Montreal, QC, Parc Olympique
24 – Montreal, QC, Parc Olympique
31 – Brockton, MA, Campanelli Stadium

September 2024 

01 – Brockton, MA, Campanelli Stadium

October 2024 

10/04 – Los Angeles, CA, Berth 46
10/05 – Los Angeles, CA, Berth 46
10/05 – Los Angeles, CA, Berth 46

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