THE BOYZ New’s Audition Ended After He Was Asked One Unexpected Question

THE BOYZ New’s Audition Ended After He Was Asked One Unexpected Question

THE BOYZ‘s New was the most recent guest on soloist Lee Mujin‘s popular musical variety program, Leemujin Service.

During his episode, he explained how he joined IST Entertainment and the 4th-gen group, surprising Lee Mujin as he recalled his unusual audition process.

THE BOYZ’s New | @mujin_plz/Twitter

New admitted that being a K-Pop idol wasn’t always his dream, but his passion for music steadily grew and fueled his dreams of becoming a singer.

When he turned 19, he realized he would regret not pursuing music and began applying to various K-Pop entertainment companies.

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New shared that he secured an audition for each company he applied for and had already passed a few auditions before he attended one final company’s audition.

Although he considered accepting one of the offers he already received, the talent director at his last audition convinced him to stay, and they had only one question for New.

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The director didn’t ask New about his talents or experience but instead asked him where he bought his clothes.

After answering the question, New was unexpectedly dismissed before being asked back for a second audition in Seoul the next day.

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At his second audition, he was finally able to sing while the casting team dressed him in different outfit options.

After that audition, he was asked to return again, and he performed more songs, eventually passing the audition.

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While his audition process may have been unconventional, he fulfilled his dream and debuted with THE BOYZ!


New isn’t the only member who shared their unexpected audition experience.

Check out THE BOYZ Eric‘s “wild” audition story in the article below!

THE BOYZ’s Eric Had Quite The Audition Story Thanks To A Company Staff Member

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