The 2 Celebrities That Left Actor Ji Chang Wook Starstruck

The Worst of Evil actor Ji Chang Wook has starred alongside many famous celebrities throughout his seventeen-year career, such as Girls’ Generation‘s YoonAPark Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae. Out of them all, he shared which two left him starstruck when finally meeting them.

Ji Chang Wook | @jichangwook/Instagram

During the actor’s guest appearance for Salon Drip 2, he mentioned how much he “really wanted” to meet musical actor Cho Seung Woo. Fortune was on his side because one of his friends happened to be “super close” friends with Cho Seung Woo.

Jang Do Yeon and Ji Chang Wook. | TEO 테오/YouTube

Ji Chang Wook received the chance to meet the musical actor in his waiting room. He was so starstruck when he finally met Cho Seung Woo that he couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t really say much. Since I loved him so much, I just smiled.

— Ji Chang Wook

| TEO 테오/YouTube

Even so, he didn’t forget to leave with Cho Seung Woo’s autograph to remember the moment. Another celebrity also had a special place in Ji Chang Wook’s heart.

| TEO 테오/YouTube

Jang Do Yeon mentioned hearing that Ji Chang Wook was a fan of singer Lee Juck. He immediately confirmed he was.

| TEO 테오/YouTube

Wearing the same smile he wore when talking about Cho Seung Woo, Ji Chang Wook recalled rearranging his whole schedule just to meet Lee Juck on Immortal Songs. Their meeting went so well that Lee Juck later surprised Ji Chang Wook by attending his fan meeting.

| TEO 테오/YouTube

See Ji Chang Wook smile nonstop when discussing his favorite celebrities and their first meetings.

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