How Is BTS’s J-Hope As An Instructor In The Military? A Netizen Shares Their Account

How Is BTS’s J-Hope As An Instructor In The Military? A Netizen Shares Their Account

In April 2023, BTS’s J-Hope enlisted in the military to complete his mandatory service.

Since then, the rapper has taken every opportunity to not only show up for his members’ big days in any way possible,

remember when hobi and jin went to Suga concert

— hope⁷ (@winnttaebear) November 17, 2023


lets goooooooo jk
I can’t wait bruhhhhh

I’m crying

— Nandni⁷ 〠 (@sevenhotshots) November 20, 2023

but also frequently updated fans, be it through pictures, comments on posts, or letters.

Meanwhile, even in the military, J-Hope has shown outstanding performance, attaining the highly respectable designation of an assistant instructor and becoming one of the select few “Special Class (Elite) Warriors.” Though his life in the military is subject to privacy, fans have caught a glimpse of him during his service here and there, either through updates shared by the official military app or through his co-soldiers.

OMG, that’s Corporal Jung Hoseok (정호석 상병)! The mark of rank on his chest was switched to a three-striped badge with his early promotion after earning 특급전사(special class warrior) status!

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) November 10, 2023

Recently, an ARMY shared an account of their acquaintance, who gave a detailed outlook of J-Hope as an assistant instructor in the military. The OP (original poster) prefaced the story by saying that their colleague recently showed them J-Hope’s photo, asking if they knew him. When OP asked her why she showed them the picture, the coworker revealed that her son had recently enlisted, and J-Hope was one of his training instructors. She described him as a kind instructor who always gives out hugs to cheer up trainees!

op’s coworker asked “do you know this person?” and showed her a pic & it was hobiㅠ op was like “what is this?” & coworker said her son enlisted recently but one of the training instructors is sooo kind & will give hugs so they’d gain strength or bc they did well, & will smileㅠ

— 하루하루 (@613__haru) November 22, 2023

with a hug, and praising him with a hug, smiling at him…Said he was famous but such a good human, and wouldn’t stop praising him.. So knowing that I am ARMY, she asked me if I knew him.”

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) November 22, 2023

In the follow-up Tweet, the OP added a specific incident shared by the trainee’s mother. While she admitted that all the instructors are friendly to the soldiers, J-Hope is extra gentle and treats them like a big brother. When OP’s coworker’s son hurt his finger during shooting training, the BTS member went out of his way to give him a detailed demonstration of how to use the gun without putting too much pressure on his wounded finger.

avoid putting too much strain on his injured finger with detailed demonstration.”

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) November 22, 2023

Though, according to OP, J-Hope is strict during the training sessions, during the breaks, he never fails to check upon the trainees. OP’s coworker also said that her son had gotten more hugs from the rapper than he had from his parents!

OP heard that hobi as a training instructor is so so shining. during training, he’s a little strict, but during the break, he checks on trainees’ condition and says nice things to them. she heard that her coworker’s son got more hugs from him than from his mom and dad

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) November 22, 2023

In another comment, the OP mentioned that their coworker’s son also approached J-Hope for a picture, to which he enthusiastically agreed. Though the trainee was hesitant due to J-Hope’s celebrity, it all disappeared as he put his arm around him while posing for the photo.

hobi was an absolute angelㅠ I guess he’s making fanboys there “

— jayvee (@uarmyvibe) November 22, 2023

J-Hope is expected to be discharged from his military duties on October 17, 2024, and from the looks of it, by that time the army and ARMYs might just become one and all!

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