German Darkwave Duo SIIE Debuts Stunning Dance Driven Video for “Le Sept”

German Darkwave Duo SIIE Debuts Stunning Dance Driven Video for “Le Sept”

“Things we forget sometimes echo back.”

SIIE, a Swiss/German darkwave techno duo hailing from Hamburg, masterfully defies traditional musical norms. Their sound is a harmonious blend of the tangible and the otherworldly, captivating listeners with an ethereal, twilight-esque mystique. This unique style particularly resonates with enthusiasts of the 1980s industrial music scene and the stylings of Gina X, The Flying Lizards and Delta 5. In the vibrant atmosphere of contemporary clubs, IIE’s music stands out, weaving hypnotic, rhythmically rich soundscapes that appear to be from a parallel dimension.

The group’s vocal expression is particularly entrancing, drawing listeners into a realm of intricate emotional depths. The fusion of deep, sonorous synthesizers with crisply defined beats takes the audience on an enthralling trip through enigmatic realms of night.

In “Le Sept,” SIIE waxes philosophical, blending the French language with introspective themes. The track opens by casting aside the seductive trappings of a fast-paced life, epitomized by symbols like the Corvette and jet-set elite. This sets the stage for a profound examination of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of material wealth, juxtaposed against a longing for true freedom. The vivid imagery of a final cigar, representing both opulence and finality, is strikingly poignant.

As the song unfolds, it paints a vivid picture of a once-glorious world now tinged with the cold, harsh reality of disillusionment. The chandeliers that once sparkled now seem to be made of cold metal, and the mention of ‘Blue Hawaii’ evokes a sense of a paradise irrevocably lost, deepening the narrative of downfall.

The chorus, with its repetitive chant of ‘Trace Face Volte-face’, serves as a rhythmic anchor, mirroring the song’s themes of transformation and reversal.

As “Le Sept” progresses, it delves into the protagonist’s internal conflict, torn between the lure of material riches and the quest for authenticity. The poignant phrase ‘La Passion est contrefaçon’ (Passion is counterfeit) encapsulates the struggle between heartfelt emotions and the superficiality of a material-driven existence. The song’s conclusion reiterates the ‘Trace Face Volte-face’ motif, emphasizing the ongoing struggle of the protagonist. It culminates in the solitary, impactful utterance of ‘Dead’, a stark finale that prompts listeners to ponder the true cost of a life ensnared by illusions.

Joyce Muniz, a Vienna-based Brazilian producer, DJ, and live musician, adds a mesmerizing touch to this EP with her transformative remix of ‘Le Sept.’ Rooted in Brazilian rhythms, Muniz infuses a unique energy into the track, ensuring it’s a guaranteed catalyst for dance fever with its gothic allure and transcendental vibes.

Parisian dancer Eléa Ha Minh Tay, aka Little Kyaa, performs in the video, directed by Lars Gottschalk. Her performance is aggressive, reminding one of the hedonism and excesses of the Wall Street boom in the 80s – a fierce, determined tour de force, indeed.

Watch the video below:

Their debut release was May 2023 on electronic music label Manta Recordings.

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