Dispatch Reveals G-Dragon And Lee Sun Kyun Are Victims Of The Police’s Mishandling Of The Situation

Dispatch Reveals G-Dragon And Lee Sun Kyun Are Victims Of The Police’s Mishandling Of The Situation

Dispatch has revealed G-Dragon and Lee Sung Kyun‘s involvement in the ongoing Incheon drug investigation was all a ruse created by “Madam K.”

As part of their internal investigation on the ongoing drug accusation claims made against G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun, Dispatch first outlined 17 key details in relation to the investigation.

1. Madam K is known as the head of business “G” (aka, baby Madam).

2. Madam K is not directly affiliated with business “G” though. She only goes there when she has customers, akin to a freelancer

3. Madam K is notorious for drugs. She is well-known for her drugs but also her lies.

4. There are around 10 individuals involved with Madam K. This includes entanglement with drugs and blackmail.

Some of the individuals are the little sister of the prostitution world “L”, her ex-boyfriend “S”, “lettuce oppa” “C”, artist “J1”, “Next Door Neighbor” “B”, Madam K’s older sister, a mother “L”, and Ullzzang “J”. Chaebol “H” will be covered in the future.

5. Dispatch will pass on covering the individuals listed above for now.

6. At the heart of the case is Madam K’s one-woman show. This includes deception, threats, slander, and scamming money.

7. This case also showcased the greed of the Incheon police, as they only believed in Madam K’s phone and words.

8. This is NOT a celebrity drug case.

9. Lee Sun Kyun was caught by Madam K’s staged scenario.

10. G-Dragon was used as a flex by Madam K.

11. What the police should actually say is that they are partners with Madam K.

12. If we dig deeper into this case, shouldn’t there be a connection with the drugs?

13. Dispatch is digging into the entire story about this incident.

14. However, it has been confirmed both Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon were summoned by the police as drug offenders.

15. What did the police think when they heard the celebrity’s names?

16. They didn’t even investigate properly and even leaked their names during internal investigations.

17. From now on, here is why Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon are being investigated.

Madam K

Starting with Madam K. Back in Aguust 2023, Madam K was in a crisis. She was on the verge of going to jail. She was a notorious drug-addict with at least five drug convictions. She was in a situation where she wouldn’t be able to avoid jail.

While she was taking drugs with prostitute “L”, they were caught by “L’s” ex-boyfriend “S,” who wanted revenge and said he was going to report them. When Madam K heard about this, she created a plan to stop him. She offered ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,680 USD) to “S” for him to not report the incident. Her sister also started looking for money, asking for ₩30.0 million KRW (about $23,000 USD) from the owner of the adult entertainment establishment she worked at.

At the same time, Madam K threatened artist “J.” Madam K threatened to expose “J” if she wasn’t given ₩100 million KRW (about $76,800 USD). Instead, “J” decided to turn themselves in, going to the police station on their own. This led to Madam K desperately searching for money in August and September. And on September 12, “S” reported Madam K for drug abuse.

The Hacker

On September 12, 2023, “S” called Madam K, telling her that he reported her and to get ready to go to jail. Just two days later, “K” texted Lee Sun Kyun, telling him she was hacked.

Dispatch was able to secure text messages between both Madam K and the hacker. Was Madam K really hacked, or was it all a set-up?

Hacker: About your gallery

Madam K: What about it?

H: There’s so many f***ing pictures of celebrities lol

H: This would flip the country upside-down.

K: Aigoo what generation do you think you’re living in now. I am hurt. I’m going to sleep.

H: Okay.

H: Madam K. You said you were sleeping why did you access it. Lies are living well inside your mouth.

H: How many people have called me to talk to me. In the past two hours, there’s been 13 people I have had to respond to about you. I screencaptured a few, should I send it to you?

H: We both worked hard.


H: XXX – drugs.

H: XXX – drugs and prostitution.

K: I’m hiding something at my younger siblings’ house, why are you threatening someone who did nothing. They will also get angry. We should talk on a deeper level. How can I trust you?

H: If you can’t trust me, oh well. I asked for confirmation and you didn’t give it. By Wednesday, I want ₩100 million KRW (about $76,800 USD) and if you’re late, it’s another ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,680 USD) per day. I have nothing else to say. I am not that kind of gangster. If you can get the money by Wednesday, put it inside the fire hose closet by your house. The last thing I want to tell you is that you need to get ready if you don’t want to mess up someone else’s life. It seems like you don’t fully understand the situation right now. You can definitely get out of it. You’ll lose everyone around you and if rumors spread, everyone will leave you. If you don’t heed my words today, I’ll tell your mother and sister. Tomorrow, a burner phone with no records will arrive, Lee Sun Kyun will also start working again. Be careful.

Lee Sun Kyun

Madam K sent Lee Sun Kyun a message stating that her Apple Watch was hacked and the hacker was listening to her conversations with him, along with all of the recordings. Madam K said the hacker wanted ₩300 million KRW (about $230,000 USD) in order to not leak the conversations. Madam K also urged Lee Sun Kyun to not ignore the hackers.

If you ignore the hackers and it appears in the media, I think it will all be over. If you give me the ₩300 million KRW (about $230,000 USD), the hacker won’t threaten you again. Trust me about this. I will sort it all out.

— Madam K

She also unilaterally mentioned the drugs ketamine and marijuana in their conversations, and also threatened digital forensics. But in the end, Lee Sun Kyun blocked Madam K. Lee Sun Kyun’s best friend came into the picture. He was the one who actually introduced Lee Sun Kyun to the “G” adult entertainment establishment in question. He insisted Lee Sun Kyun pay the ₩300 million KRW (about $230,000 USD) to end the situation.

Below is a text message from Madam K to Lee Sun Kyun.

Madam K: Also, did you know that the last time we talked on the phone, we had the best conversation and we responded quickly?? At least you could ask if I’m okay or how I am doing. I’m so sad. And you were asking for advice from my male friend so I thought you told him everything and talked with him about ketamine and marijuana. But he said that was the first time hearing about that. Then my friend told me you did not want me to contact you anymore and that you were a person that just drinks alcohol and doesn’t do any of that other stuff. Are you denying it to him or he not the type of person to do that. In conclusion, is it just a code?

Lee Sun Kyun: Okay, I got it. I’ll contact you later.

K: I can’t sleep, from dawn until now I have been suffering. I sold one phone and got a new one not under my name. My number is 010-xxxx-xxxx.

L: Okay.


Madam K just got ₩300 million KRW (about $230,000 USD). Was there a hacker at all? Madam K ended up hiding out at a friend’s house who was growing “lettuce.” But she was arrested on October 18, 2023. The police confiscated her phone and found call records and text messages to Lee Sun Kyun. This led to Lee Sun Gyun being involved.

But what about G-Dragon? G-Dragon visited the “G” adult entertainment establishment at least twice in 2022. Madam K would brag to her friends that G-Dragon went to visit her. Due to this, the police labeled G-Dragon as a customer of hers and also as a suspect.

The police’s grounds to label G-Dragon as both a customer and a suspect were not strong though. Below are a few messages sent by Madam K that refer to G-Dragon.

K: G-Dragon is here today. He came with Jo [redacted] and Lee [redacted].

K: G-Dragon told me to collect everyone’s phones. But I secretly took a video.

K: (Sends video of G-Dragon to her friend after heading to the bathroom)

The police

Madam K would show off whenever a celebrity went to her business. There were at least 10 different celebrities who have visited her establishment. But the police only targeted G-Dragon. Jo [redacted] and Lee [redacted], who both went with G-Dragon, were excluded from the investigation. Could they somehow have managed to smell drugs from the video Madam K took?

The police appear to have relied solely on Madam K’s words and her phone for gathering evidence. The messages sent by Madam K that unilaterally mentioned drugs and the secret video filmed by her were the beginning of the investigation.

Dispatch believes while the police were correct in starting an investigation, they were wrong in leaking the names of the celebrities involved while the internal investigation was undergoing. They also believe the police’s focus should be to find the hacker, which will determine whether it was a real or fabricated situation. They also believe the police need to find out how Madam K obtained the drugs.


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