BTS Jungkook’s Next Featured Artist’s Stance On The Israel-Palestine Crisis Triggers A Debate

BTS Jungkook’s Next Featured Artist’s Stance On The Israel-Palestine Crisis Triggers A Debate

BTS‘s Jungkook recently announced a new collaboration has been met with mixed feelings due to the artist’s stance on the current crisis in Palestine.

BTS’s Jungkook | BIGHIT Music

Earlier this month, Jungkook’s first solo album, Golden, was released, featuring the singles he has been releasing since the summer. Included in those are his collaboration with Jack Harlow, “3D.”

With how popular Jungkook is, it is no surprise that many of his tracks have been re-released as remixes featuring new artists. On November 24, KST,  BIGHIT Music announced that a surprise remix of “3D” would be released that same day, this time featuring American musician Justin Timberlake.

| BIGHIT Music Justin Timberlake | RCA Records

Justin Timberlake has been regarded as the “Prince Of Pop,” beginning with his own boyband roots in N*SYNC. Seeing as Jungkook has previously shown interest in working with him, many fans expressed excitement for both the song and the BTS member.

They once asked Jungkook when he was a child “who was your biggest musical inspiration?” And he said: “Justin Timberlake”!!!!

Today he collaborated with him on one of the songs from his first album I’m so proud of him

— 𝚁𝚊𝚑𝚊𝚏⁽ᵗᵏ⁾ (@R_taekook22) November 23, 2023

Q: when you were a kid, who was your biggest musical inspiration?
: Justin Timberlake!

No wonder why he’s the MAIN POP BOY JEON JUNGKOOK so proud of you JUNGKOOK-AH

— 𝙅𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠 𝙃𝙮𝙥𝙚 𝙁𝙚𝙚𝙙 (@JJKHypeFeed) November 23, 2023



— Carolyne⁷ ʲᵏ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ᵛᵉʳ (ꪜ)‍🪞🪐 (@mhereonlyforbts) November 23, 2023

However, not everyone is excited about the collaboration and it is related to Justin’s stance on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Since early October, media coverage of the Israel-Palestine crisis has increased, with more and more becoming aware of the conflict that is taking place in the Gaza Strip. According to Reuters, several thousands have been killed as bombings and other fighting occur in the region.

Embed from Getty Images

US President Joe Biden and other government officials have faced heavy criticism for the country’s support and financial investment in Israel from Pro-Palestinian protesters. This is likely what led to the creation of the NoHostageLeftBehind website.

The website features a letter thanking Biden for his “unshakable moral conviction, leadership, and support” following the release of some hostages.

“…But our relief is tempered by our overwhelming concern that 220 innocent people, including 30 children, remain captive by terrorists, threatened with torture and death. They were taken by Hamas in the savage massacre of October 7, where over 1,400 Israelis were slaughtered – women raped, families burned alive, and infants beheaded. 

Thank you for your unshakable moral conviction, leadership, and support for the Jewish people, who have been terrorized by Hamas since the group’s founding over 35 years ago, and for the Palestinians, who have also been terrorized, oppressed, and victimized by Hamas for the last 17 years that the group has been governing Gaza.

We all want the same thing: Freedom for Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side in peace. Freedom from the brutal violence spread by Hamas. And most urgently, in this moment, freedom for the hostages.”

— NoHostageLeftBehind Website 

The letter is signed off by many of Hollywood’s top celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, and is seen as direct support of Israel.

The letter has been criticized by many for its alleged inaccuracies and disregard for the lost lives of Palestinians, many of whom have been killed in what some have called human rights violations.

This is a group of Hollywood stars and executives that have signed an open letter to President Joe Biden, thanking him for his continued support of a nation in the midst of commiting genocide.

— 8-ʙɪᴛ (@The8BitIdiot) October 24, 2023

Some ARMY have said due to their support of Jungkook, they will stream the song as the BTS member has nothing to do with Justin’s actions.

We care about Jungkook’s music not the personal drama of his collaborators. If you don’t want to support, that’s fine.

— KOOKIEGOLDEN (@justinxjungkook) November 23, 2023

And I don’t want any of those Army’s who are sabotaging Jungkook’s music just because of the xyz artist he’s collaborating with we’re only here to support HIM AND NOT THE OTHER PERSON KEEP THAT IN MIND We’re only here for tannies y’all should remove that like 7 from ur dn if+

— Yuri⁷☆ Golden (@bultarounefire) November 23, 2023


— JK⁷GOLDEN♡³nov (@foreverKoo_7) November 23, 2023

Other ARMY have expressed disappointment in HYBE for not “reading the room,” and have stated they will not support the remix as it benefits Justin Timberlake and will not forsake their morals.

hybe’s inability to read the room is incredible actually

— autumn⁷ (@ghiblijoonies) November 23, 2023

no one is upset with jungkook and pretending that ppl are so you don’t have to feel guilty for supporting a zionist is gross. ppl are understandably upset about this collab and have every right to not support it in the wake of an ongoing genocide.

— jordy⁷ (@ijbolssera) November 23, 2023

I’m an army and I’ve been since 2017 but I won’t loose my fucking morals for anything and anyone. Justin Timberlake signed the letter against a ceasefire. i won’t ever fucking support a Zionist. I’m not sorry. I’ll instead stream the original 3D!

— soom (@seokd33z) November 23, 2023

you can’t be free palestine and then defend a zionist y’all…. like fuck justin timberlake period. that’s all … there js no but or why . fuck him simple

— keke⁷ 🤍 (@stallseok) November 23, 2023

i really really REALLY hate to say this but justin timberlake is a zionist. dont stream shit

— ⁷ (@strwbrryngi) November 23, 2023

Others have also found issues with Justin Timberlake following Britney Spears‘ revelations about their past relationship, including an alleged forced abortion.

Listen I love jungkook and I will support this collab but I hate that man. I am a big Britney fan and I did not go “digging” I read her book. This man forced her to have an abortion. I don’t like him. At all.

— 2025 ⁷ (@Kooks_Gloss) November 23, 2023

mind you Justin Timberlake is a known abuser who forced his girlfriend to get an abortion and took advantage of her to push his own career but trust in this fandom to make up excuses for all the evil nasty men that work with him like they always do

— 🪐. (@Bachelorhaters) November 23, 2023

As of writing, there has been no response from HYBE over the criticism.

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