Rashad McCants Says Kevin Durant Will Be Better Than LeBron James, NBA Twitter Loses It

Rashad McCants Says Kevin Durant Will Be Better Than LeBron James, NBA Twitter Loses It

Rashad McCants, a former first-round NBA draft selection, is now enjoying a second career as a broadcaster who talks basketball and other matters. A clip of McCants is now going wide after the North Carolina native said that he believes Kevin Durant will go down as a better basketball player than LeBron James when it’s all said and done.

The statement in question came courtesy of the No Chill with Gilbert Arenas podcast with Rashad McCants comparing the career tracks of Kevin Durant, who turned 35 this past September, and LeBron James, who will be 39 this December.

In McCants’ view, “real hooper” to use his words would place KD over King James when it comes down to it. Both are definitely world-class basketball players with James having a championship advantage with four rings compared to Durant’s two rings. James is also the leading scorer of all-time in the NBA and showing no signs of slowing down as he leads the Los Angeles Lakers. Durant, currently playing for the Phoenix Suns, is still an explosive player capable of taking games as anyone else in the league.

Arenas didn’t push back heavily on McCants’ statement but did say something interesting about the NBA and the whispers some observers have shared that the league promotes different teams based on their market. Arenas said that the NBA thrives and makes more money when the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers are powerhouses.

There has to be more to this conversation as the clip never offers any manner of closure or following thoughts from Rashad McCants but on X, formerly known as Twitter, the segment of users known as NBA Twitter has plenty to say.

Also, to all the accounts trying to go viral off the clip, why not give those views to Arenas so he can keep feasting? That’s nasty work. We’ve added the clip of Arenas’ account below to help.

Check out the reactions below.

Why is Kevin Durant not viewed as highly as he should be in history?

Gil’s Arena breaks it down and comes to KD’s defense. pic.twitter.com/U8OfUGJNie

— Gilbert Arenas (@GilsArenaShow) November 21, 2023

Photo: Houston Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images / Getty

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