Polish Post-Punk Project Mekong Debuts Video for “Going Numb”

Going Numb, the inaugural single from Mekong’s much-anticipated album Danse Danse, heralds a compelling melding of post-punk and dark-wave elements. The song from the Polish post-punk band is a gripping narrative as its lyrics weave the tale of a young woman’s last escapade in the nocturnal revelry of dance.

In this setting, a dance floor transforms into a fleeting refuge; a sanctuary for her final act of defiance. The track pulses with an undercurrent of disco rhythms, enveloping her in a sensation of detachment as she succumbs to the somber harmonies that navigate her through this evocative expedition. This composition poignantly encapsulates her bittersweet sojourn, a raw encapsulation of her emotions as she confronts the looming spectre of finality.

The accompanying video, under the direction of Pedro Viernes, was filmed at Jazz Rock Cafe in Krakow, featuring the captivating Liudmyla Radyk in the lead role.

In the misty, dark embrace of a club, a woman’s dance unfolds, a poignant display of raw emotion and defiance. The intermittent glow of lights casts an otherworldly aura, creating a sanctuary where she confronts her inner turmoil. Her movements, a fusion of vulnerability and resilience, flow with an elegance that speaks volumes about the depth of her feelings. She is completely immersed in the rhythm, her form undulating in harmony with the pulsating bass and the haunting strains of the melody.

The camera lingers on her, capturing the nuances of her expressions and the fluidity of her dance. It’s a study in contrasts: the solitude of her experience in the midst of a public space, the strength she exudes in her apparent vulnerability. As the music swells, so does the intensity of her performance, a visual echo of the song’s emotional resonance. The video crescendos in a symphony of sound and motion, then fades to darkness, leaving behind a haunting echo of her poignant, bittersweet odyssey.

Watch the video for “Going Numb” below:

The production of Going Numb was handled by Renato Alves, with mixing and mastering entrusted to the skilled hands of Greg Toma.

You can also stream and order the song here:

Going Numb by Mekong

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