Ozzy Osbourne says ‘The Osbournes’ TV reboot will “never” happen “in a million years”

Ozzy Osbourne says ‘The Osbournes’ TV reboot will “never” happen “in a million years”

Ozzy Osbourne has said a revival of The Osbournes TV series will “never” happen “in a million years”.

In a new episode of The Osbournes Podcast released on Tuesday (November 21), Jack, Sharon, Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne discussed the impact of the MTV reality series, which came to an end in 2005 after four seasons.

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When Jack asked the family whether the show had a “positive or negative effect on everyone’s mental health”, Kelly said it had “a massive negative effect”.

“Imagine having to relive every conversation you’ve ever had throughout a 24-hour period or six month period, and then all of a sudden people are judging everything you’ve said,” Kelly said. “You’re just like, ‘Wait I just thought I was having a normal conversation, now this person hates me.’ It’s crazy. It just made me so insecure.”

Ozzy said the show in hindsight was the “best diary” for future generations of the family. At the time, however, the Black Sabbath frontman acknowledged the series sent him “a bit crazy at times”.

“It’s so intrusive in your house,” Ozzy added. “At the time, I said I wanted a safe room where I could go and pick my nose and squeeze a zit if I want to without being on camera, and they had a fucking camera in there. When you’ve got hidden cameras, you start to freak out.”

When Ozzy explained how the show became more “unreal” as it became more successful, Jack said that’s the reason “why I don’t think we’ll ever do another season”. In response, Ozzy replied: “It won’t happen again. Never in a million years.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t think it should,” Jack concluded.

Last year, the BBC announced a new Osbournes reality series which would follow Sharon and Ozzy as they move from Los Angeles back to the UK. Ozzy, however, has remained in the US to undergo surgery, so it’s unclear if the show is still in production.

Ozzy has suffered a number of health problems in recent years due to Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with in 2003, but didn’t announce publicly until 2020. Last month, Ozzy underwent what he described as his “final” neck surgery.

Asked about how he was feeling heading into the operation, Ozzy said: “It’s all right. It’s just like going over for a fucking haircut now… But I have improved somewhat, I think.”

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