Netizens React To The Impressive Credits For BABYMONSTER’s Debut Single “BATTER UP”

Netizens React To The Impressive Credits For BABYMONSTER’s Debut Single “BATTER UP”

The date of BABYMONSTER‘s debut, November 27, is getting closer, and YG Entertainment has been slowly releasing more information about the group’s members and their debut song.


2023.11.27 0AM (KST)#베이비몬스터 #DEBUT #20231127_0AM #YG


A couple of days ago they shared that their debut will be a digital single titled “BATTER UP”, and it was met with mixed reactions from netizens.


BABYMONSTER Debut Digital Single [BATTER UP]
2023.11.27 0AM (KST)#베이비몬스터 #DigitalSingle #BATTER_UP #TitlePoster #20231127_0AM #YG


Earlier today, though, they shared the many producers and lyricists who have taken part in the creation of “BATTER UP”, and it seems to be making many fans feel more confident that the song could be a good one.

Perhaps most notably, BABYMONSTER’s own Asa is included in the credits for lyrics and composing, which is impressive for a rookie, especially in a girl group. Fellow YG Entertainment idols Hyunsuk (of TREASURE) and Chanhyuk (of AKMU) also participated in songwriting.

Some fans are probably also familiar with other producers listed, such as WHERE THE NOISE (one of the producers for TREASURE’s “BONA BONA”), Chaz Mishan (who participated in GD X TAEYANG‘s “Good Boy” and BIGBANG‘s “Flower Road”), and BIGTONE (a producer for TREASURE’s “Going Crazy”).

Also included in the credits is YG (Yang Hyun Suk) himself, which is certainly the most controversial name on the list. Though he is one of the lead producers of BABYMONSTER, his numerous scandals and poor image among K-Pop fans has many feeling unsettled by his involvement with the new girl group.

Yang Hyun Suk in Last Evaluation

Notably absent from the producers is Teddy, one of the main creators behind BLACKPINK‘s music, and Choice37, who has worked on many YG Entertainment songs and was also involved in BABYMONSTER’s Last Evaluation series.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the credits for BABYMONSTER’s debut single on Reddit.

Are you excited for this debut?

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