Miko Malo Releases Latest Single “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio”

Miko Malo Releases Latest Single “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio”

Hailing from an extraterrestrial realm, the enigmatic Miko Malo is primed to enthrall Earth’s denizens with his otherworldly artistry, unveiling his eagerly awaited second single, “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio” (“I’m Going to Kill Your Boyfriend”). Crafted in the cosmic confines of Aival Studios, this track propels listeners on a spellbinding odyssey through the celestial landscapes of love and heartbreak.

Miko Malo, a luminary in his own right, is renowned for his dynamic and genre-transcending approach. “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio” serves as a stellar showcase of Miko’s unparalleled ability to seamlessly interweave bilingual lyricism with infectious beats, forging a sonic experience that transcends the linguistic boundaries of this planet.

In this intergalactic release, “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio,” Miko Malo navigates the intricate dynamics of Earthly relationships, spinning a narrative that delves into the shadowy realms of love. The song not only stands as a celestial spectacle for its thematic content but also acts as a cosmic proclamation of Miko Malo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical exploration.

Miko Malo extends a cosmic invitation to fans and music enthusiasts, beckoning them to embark on this exhilarating journey as “Voy A Matar A Tu Novio” is out now. With its compelling narrative, infectious beats, and Miko Malo’s interstellar style, the single is poised to create a sonic supernova, leaving an indelible mark on listeners across the cosmos.




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