Meet Jones: The Next Rising Star Out Of Florida

Artist and songwriter Jones is the next budding star coming out of Florida. With an original sound, budding fanbase and drive to become the best creative he can be, he is determined to show the world how powerful his voice is. After grossing over 200,000 streams on his most recent video for his single “Mamacita’, he has honed in on his craft even more to give fans the best music of his life. 

Coming from humble beginnings, Jones grew up in  the deep south in between Texas and Mississippi. As an only child, he used music as the highest form of creativity since the tender age of 6. Falling in love with Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna”, changed his life forever as he immersed himself into mainstream music. His Mississippi upbringing, and Christian faith led him to joining the choir and he soon realized his voice seemed to stand out amongst his peers. More motivated than ever to explore his musical talents, he worked on perfecting his craft, which led him to joining a Christian Hip Hop group while in High School called “ChristKnights”. Mastering the art of performing, songwriting and captivating an audience, he was determined more than ever to forge a career in music.

After the group disbanded in 2006, Jones set his sights on being a solo artist and has never looked back. In 2019, all his hard work finally paid off! Jones released “The Peer Pressure Project” which charted on six different Billboard charts landing him performances at SXSW and A3C Festival in Atlanta and many more. This success is what propelled him to release his highly anticipated “Mamacita” single and music video that ultimately changed the trajectory of his career and life forever. 

Now in 2023, Jones is taking his music career to new heights. He has perfected his sound, reestablished who he is as an artist and in position to achieve success on an infinite level. He is the ultimate reminder of never giving up on your dreams no matter what gets in your way.     

Follo Jones on social media @ineedjonesnow.

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