[Exclusive Interview] PURPLE KISS on Meeting U.S PLORY and Nicknames for Each Other

[Exclusive Interview] PURPLE KISS on Meeting U.S PLORY and Nicknames for Each Other
Photo Cr. Karmina Cielo // KpopWise

PURPLE KISS comprising of six talented individuals: Chaein, Goeun, Swan, Jieun, Yuki, and Ireh. Each member brings a unique flair and skillset to the group, creating a harmonious blend of vocal prowess, rap versatility, and captivating dance moves. Their music spans a diverse range of genres, seamlessly transitioning from heartfelt ballads to upbeat pop anthems, showcasing their musical versatility and captivating fans with their diverse soundscapes.

After captivating audiences worldwide with their electrifying performances and captivating music, PURPLE KISS took their artistry to the next level with their first-ever U.S. tour “The Festa” The group was eager to connect with their American fans and share their passion for music on a grander stage.

Amidst the tour, the members of PURPLE KISS are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. They express their eagerness to meet their American PLORY (fan name) and experience the vibrant energy of their fans. The group prepared a special setlist filled with their most popular hits and promises to deliver an unforgettable performance that will leave a lasting impression.

PURPLE KISS chatted with KpopWise for an exclusive interview, sharing their thoughts on the tour, their musical aspirations, and their excitement to connect with international PLORY.

Photo Cr. Thomas Ma // KpopWise

Hello PURPLE KISS! Congratulations on your tour!

안녕하세요 PURPLE KISS! 투어 축하합니다!
YUKI: Woah~ Thank you~ 
유키: 와~ 감사합니다~💗

How do you feel about your tour in the US?
미국 투어에 대해 어떤 느낌을 가지고 계신가요?

CHAEIN: First of all, we are very excited. We heard that everyone here enjoys the performances immensely, so I’m already looking forward to it!
채인: 우선은 무척 설레고, 다들 공연을 엄청 잘 즐기신다고 들어서 벌써 기대가 돼요!

YUKI: It’s the first time we’re meeting U.S. PLORY, so I’m incredibly excited and a little nervous. We’ve worked hard to prepare fantastic and exciting stages for PLORY to enjoy, so please have high expectations!
유키: 처음으로 미국 플로리들과 만나는 거라 엄청 설레면서도 떨려요. 플로리들이 즐길 수 있는 멋지고 신나는 무대들 열심히 준비했으니까 기대 많이 해주세요!

What is your favorite part of ‘7HEAVEN?
‘7HEAVEN’ 중에서 가장 마음에 드는 부분은 무엇인가요?
GOEUN: Our smile. We performed on stage with big smiles for the first time with this song, and as a performer, we had much more fun while performing and the fans watching seemed to enjoy it even more!
나고은: 저희의 웃는 모습이 가장 마음에 들어요. 이번에 처음으로 활짝 웃으며 무대를 했는데 하는 저희도 더 신나고 보는 팬분들도 좋았다고 하시더라고요!

DOSIE: The most exciting part is when we dance together around SWAN during the intro! When we make eye contact with each other, everyone is smiling, and it makes me happy too.
도시: 인트로에서 수안이를 둘러싸고 다같이 춤을 추는 부분이 가장 신나는 것 같아요! 서로 눈을 마주치면 다들 웃고 있어서 저도 행복해져요

Fans have noticed that there are parts of your choreography that require a lot of trust. Have there ever been any accidents while learning?
팬들은 여러분의 안무에서 서로에 대한 믿음이 필요한 부분이 있다는 것을 알고있습니다. 연습 중에 사고가 발생한 적이 있나요?

CHAEIN: While preparing for ‘Save Me,’ there were days when I wore heels and stumbled or even tripped. Accidents happened frequently, but it seems that sometimes they become cherished memories, depending on how we handle them.
채인: Intro : Save Me를 준비하면서 힐을 신은 날은 넘어지기도 하고 비틀거리기도 했어요. 늘 사고는 빈번하지만 어떻게 해결하냐에 따라 가끔은 추억으로 남는 것 같아요.

Photo Cr. Karmina Cielo // KpopWise

If you could choose any artist for a special stage, which artist would you love to collaborate with?
특별 무대를 위해 아무 아티스트와 협업하고 싶다면, 어떤 아티스트와 함께 콜라보하고 싶으신가요?

GOEUN: I would love to collaborate with Charlie Puth! I love his music, and he recently came to perform in Korea, but unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his concert due to my schedule. If there is another chance, I’d love to see his performance someday. 
나고은: Charlie Puth와 콜라보 하고 싶어요! Charlie Puth의 음악을 너무 좋아하고 이번에 한국에 오셨는데 아쉽게도 스케줄이 있어서 못 갔었거든요. 기회가 된다면 언젠가 꼭 공연을 보고 싶어요 

YUKI: I would like to collaborate with Doja Cat and CHANMINA!
유키: Doja Cat, CHANMINA님과 콜라보를 해보고 싶습니다!
Do you prefer the dark PURPLE KISS concepts, or bright PURPLE KISS concepts?
다크한 PURPLE KISS 컨셉과 밝은 PURPLE KISS 컨셉 중 어떤 것을 선호하시나요?
SWAN: I like dark concepts! I find it easy to immerse myself in the stage, and it’s more enjoyable for me.
수안: 전 다크한 컨셉을 좋아합니다! 제가 무대에 몰입하기 쉽고 재밌기 때문입니다!

IREH: I love the bright concept of PURPLE KISS, but I believe that the dark concept reflects our authentic identity more!
이레: 저는 밝은 컨셉의 퍼플키스를 사랑하지만, 다크한 퍼플키스가 저희의 정체성이라고 생각합니다!

Why did you want to become an idol? Is there someone who influenced you?
왜 아이돌이 되고 싶었나요? 여러분에게 영향을 끼친 사람이 있나요?
DOSIE: I had a vague idea that I wanted to work in the arts, but when I tried various things, music was the most fascinating and touched my heart. Watching senior K-pop artists perform on stage made me want to experience a life like theirs.
도시: 저는 예술 쪽 일을 하고싶다는 막연한 생각만 있었는데, 이것저것 도전해봤을 때 음악이 가장 흥미롭고 마음이 동했습니다. 무대에서 활약하는 케이팝 아티스트 선배님들을 보면서 저도 저런 삶을 살아보고 싶다고 생각했습니다!

CHAEIN: There wasn’t any specific reason, but I felt like I was most myself on stage, so I wanted to become an idol.
채인: 특정한 이유가 있기 보단 무대위에서의 제가 가장 저 다운 것 같아 아이돌이 되고 싶었습니다.
If you could only listen to one PURPLE KISS song forever, which would it be?
평생 PURPLE KISS곡 중 딱 한곡만 들을수 있다면, 어떤 곡을 선택할건가요?
GOEUN: Agit for me!
나고은: 저는 아지트 (agit)요!

CHAEIN will you release some more of your songs to show PLORY?
채인, PLORY에게 더 많은 곡을 공개할 계획이 있으신가요?
CHAEIN: Of course! We’d like to share many great songs with you!

채인: 당연하죠! 좋은 곡들 많이 들려드리고 싶어요!

Photo Cr. Thomas Ma // KpopWise

What names do you have the members saved in your phone?
각자 멤버들을 휴대폰에 어떤 이름으로 저장해두었나요??
GOEUN → DOSIE: Okie dokie Macin-DOSIE (like the Macintosh)
나고은(도시): 오키도키매킨도시

DOSIE → IREH: Seo-yeong
도시(이레): 서영

이레(유키): 코유

YUKI →  CHAEIN: CHAEIN Zzang + animal emoticon that she looks similar to
유키(채인): 채인쨩+닮은 동물 이모지

CHAEIN →  SWAN: Maknae dau
채인(수안): 막내딸ghter

SWAN → GOEUN: Go ddooni
수안(나고은): 고뚜니

What message do you want to tell PLORY?
PLORY에게 전하고 싶은 메시지가 무엇인가요?

YUKI: For our first U.S. tour, we’ve prepared a lot to showcase everything, including our best, cool, pretty, cute, and talented sides to the US PLORYs we’re meeting for the first time. Let’s have a fun time together! Always thankful and love you, PLORY!

유키: 이번에 저희가 첫 미주투어를 개최하는데요, 처음으로 만나는 미국 플로리들한테 저희의 멋지고 예쁘고, 귀엽고, 잘하는 모습 맘껏 다 보여주고 싶어서 많은 무대 준비했으니까 같이 재미있는 시간 보내 보아요!! 항상 고맙고 사랑해 플로리!

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Special thanks to RBW, Purple Kiss and Leo Presents for the interview!

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