Coldplay concert in Malaysia could be stopped by ‘kill switch’, says minister

Coldplay concert in Malaysia could be stopped by ‘kill switch’, says minister

A ‘kill switch’ will be available at the upcoming Coldplay show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which gives organisers the power to pull the plug on the concert if the band misbehaves.

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The new addition of the switch comes ahead of the British pop band’s show at the Bukit Jalil stadium tonight (November 22), and allows organisers to cut the show instantaneously if the band makes any controversial comments or actions while on stage.

As confirmed by Malaysian communications minister Fahmi Fadzil, if used, the switch would cut off the power to the instruments, sound systems and other equipment, and was agreed to by the concert’s organiser Live Nation.

Fahmi, however, said he does not foresee any instances of the Chris Martin-fronted band stepping out of line while mid-performance, particularly as the members have openly voiced their support for those in Gaza amid the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“The prime minister has also said the band you know, is very supportive of Palestine. So, we are upbeat about the concert today,” Mr Fahmi told reporters in the Malaysian capital (via The Straits Times). “If there’s one thing I would advise to all who are going please try to use public transport.”

Last week (November 15), Live Nation Malaysia also urged those attending the concert to “be mindful of the local culture and sensitivities in Malaysia”.

The concern around the concert comes following the recent controversy caused by The 1975, who sparked backlash back in July after frontman Matty Healy criticised the country’s anti-gay laws and kissed a male bandmate during a festival performance. The moment led to widespread criticism of the members and prompted the government to cancel the remainder of the festival.

Coldplay perform on stage at Optus Stadium on November 18, 2023 in Perth, Australia. CREDIT: Paul Kane/Getty Images

Precautions around tonight’s show also come as some residents have criticised the band for their open support of the LGBTQ+ community. As highlighted by ABC News, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim previously justified allowing the concert, telling Parliament that “Coldplay is actually among the bands that support Palestine”.

However, according to reports from the outlet, some have criticised his stance and called for the event to be cancelled due to the member’s encouragement of hedonism.

“This is not about whether they purely support the Palestinian cause or not but the issue of hedonism culture that they bring to our community,” said information chief of PAS, Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, in Parliament.

So far, the gig is expected to go ahead as planned, although security has reportedly been increased ahead of the 75,000 concert-goers arriving at the stadium.

In other Coldplay news, earlier this week it was announced that the band would be offering free tickets to fans who missed their shows in Perth over the weekend due to flight cancellations.

The announcement came after two flights – one from Adelaide and one from Brisbane – were cancelled last Wednesday (November 15) and Thursday (16) evening, meaning numerous fans hoping to fly to Perth for Coldplay’s gigs were unable to attend.

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