ATEEZ’s Wooyoung With Puppies Is A Match Made In Heaven

The highly anticipated Buzzfeed puppy interview with ATEEZ has been released, and it’s just as adorable as you would expect!

The way puppy lean on to Seonghwa’s hand and feels so safe, warm & comfortable around him it’s just so adorable. This is the most cutest ATEEZ interview ever Cutie cat with cutie puppy #성화 #ATEEZ

— TwinKle TwinKle (@MEOWtiny12) November 22, 2023

Young kids and puppies have the ability to sense who’s genuine and good person and they will feel comfortable around them…,knowing that and watching the bond between Yeosang and Sleepy makes me so emotional! All the puppies were so calm and playful around ATEEZ, I stan right ppl

— Nina ︎︎ (@ddeoyangie) November 22, 2023

the puppies were sleeping and mingi accidentally made the sound with the squeak toy and the way ateez was ready to fight him

— (@NotBonkyP) November 21, 2023

The members answer a series of questions while playing with five sweet fur babies, which are extremely and understandably distracting.

#ateez puppy love 🤍

— san pics (@sansgallery) November 21, 2023

While all of ATEEZ’s members doted on and played with the puppies, though, Wooyoung has captured the hearts of ATINYs yet again with just how endearing his interactions with one of the puppies were.

83 seconds of wooyoung being the best puppy dad

— (@jwyloveclub) November 22, 2023

today reason to love wooyoung is this video

— JWY safe place (@JWYcomfort) November 21, 2023

As if the 9 min video wasn’t devastating enough they included a close-up shot of Wooyoung giving the puppy that was peacefully sleeping in his arms the entire time a gazillion kisses.

— san archive (@etherealsanie) November 22, 2023

He gave the puppy, which ATEEZ named “Cali”, numerous kisses and snuggles, to the point where the puppy promptly fell asleep in his arms despite all the chaos going on around them.

cutest duo you’ll see today

— daily wooyoung (@dailyjwy) November 21, 2023

don’t think about how animals and little kids can sense the purest and loveliest souls and warm up to them immediately cause they genuinely feel safe with them and look at WOOYOUNG just don’t

— (ꪜ)-luvr (@sanvantes) November 21, 2023

dogs are excellent judges of character so the fact that the pup instantly fell asleep in wooyoung’s arms says a lot about him 🫶

— daily wooyoung (@dailyjwy) November 21, 2023

This is far from the first time that Wooyoung has showed his true character when interacting with animals or children. Fans adore how loving and kind the ATEEZ member is, and it’s impossible not to fall for him when he’s being so sweet.

today reason to love wooyoung is this video

— JWY safe place (@JWYcomfort) November 22, 2023

Wooyoung is so full of love, sobbing 🥹.

— fri•• ⅞ GOLDEN (@jeonshalaaa) November 21, 2023

wooyoung is literally the baby whisperer. doesn’t even matter if its human or animal if you put a baby in his lap they’re not moving. that’s papa now

— waku waku (@hwaberrymilk) November 22, 2023

Wooyoung and Cali seemed to form such a quick and meaningful bond, fans would love to see the ATEEZ member adopt the puppy!

can someone please adopt this puppy for wooyoung like i’ll pay you

— lara (@wyrated) November 21, 2023

that’s no random puppy that’s his puppy now he’s cali’s chosen one

— daily wooyoung (@dailyjwy) November 21, 2023

You can watch the whole adorable puppy interview here:

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