ADOR Under Fire For Preventing NewJeans’ Hanni From Taking Korean Lessons “For Commercial Gain”

ADOR Under Fire For Preventing NewJeans’ Hanni From Taking Korean Lessons “For Commercial Gain”

NewJeansHanni is known for her adorable personality and all-rounded talent. She’s also one of the non-Korean members of the group, as an Australian-Vietnamese.

She recently held a live stream on November 21, 2023, chatting with fans. One fan playfully commented in Korean, “Hanni, stop improving in Korean.” Many Korean fans find Hanni’s small mistakes in the language adorable. Although she is on the better side in terms of the language, her occasional slip-ups have become something fans love.

In response to that, Hanni revealed that she has not been taking Korean classes. Her last class was two years ago! The company had stopped her from taking Korean classes despite her own wishes.

Hey! I have something to say. I told the company that I wanted to take Korean classes too. But they said I can’t. They said I don’t need them. So I thought like, “huh? There’s no way I don’t need them.” But fter listening [to them], they said Bunnies said I can’t, so they didn’t let me take classes. I don’t have Korean classes. My last class was 2 years ago.

— Hanni

: Hanni stop improving ur Korean

: Hey! I have something to say! I did ask the company to have more Korean classes but they said I didn’t need it
: after hearing everyone all the Bunnies said i can’t improve so i don’t have any classes my last class was 2 yrs ago

— NEWJEANS NEWS (@newjeansnews_) November 21, 2023

This means that she stopped taking lessons even before her debut. Although she has Minji and the other Korean members to guide her, many fans felt that it was crucial for her to continue to improve in the language. Even though NewJeans has many overseas schedules, their base is still in Korea.

Many think that from the sounds of it, the company stopped Hanni from getting better as a marketing tactic, to appeal to more fans.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Thinking that people’s pronunciations sound cute when they try to speak a foreign language could easily cross into xenophobia, but there’s barely people who recognize that. My bias group also has foreign members and it took a long time for fans to register that we need to stop calling their pronunciation cute, so this matter sits close to heart for me. She lives in Korea and promotes here, and wants to do it, so why are they stopping her? So weird. No, but this is such an obvious pro, so just why? It’s also a plus when other foreign idols in that company speak fluent Korean, and what’s more is that they receive lessons, so??? Huh? But Hanni is totally good at Korean. [reply] she probably thinks she’s not good enough. Let her learn since she says she wants to. Why can’t she? LOL. Her last lesson was two years ago? I don’t think it’s such a childish reason as to because fans think it’s cute… Isn’t it because she might research about working for other companies later on that they want to completely block this? Huh, this is so fascinating. The other labels in HYBE don’t do this. Kazuha seemed to be studying hard, so what’s up with ADOR? She said she wants to, so why are they stopping her/ Ugh, disgusting.

Others blame Min Hee Jin for doing this to make Hanni stick to the group’s youthful concept. While Hanni is good enough at the language to not experience problems in daily life, fans reinforce that the company should not be stopping their artists from self-improvement, especially if they want it.

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