Actress Kim Tae Ri’s Bold Pixie Cut Hairstyle Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Actress Kim Tae Ri’s Bold Pixie Cut Hairstyle Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Kim Tae Ri has continued to flaunt her bold pixie cut, but not everyone is convinced it’s the look for her.

Actress Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

Over the years, Kim Tae Ri has showcased her diverse visuals suited to whatever role she is playing or if she felt like a change.

Last month, Kim Tae Ri shocked fans by debuting a new pixie haircut, which many assumed was for her filming.

Recently, Kim Tae Ri attended the premiere of the movie Alienoid 2.

Along with her unreal outfit choice that exentuated her proportions, Kim Tae Ri showed off her pixie cut proudly and confidently. As expected, the haircut frame her face perfectly and allowed her sunshine visuals to shine.


When the photos and clips from the premiere were released, netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the actress’s visuals. In particular, many couldn’t stop gushing over her hair and how powerful and badass she looked.

She’s too gorgeous to be real 🥹 #KimTaeri

— ㅈㄹ (@zaurazara) November 22, 2023

‘Behind every successful woman is herself’ Lee An version#KimTaeRi #김태리 #외계인_2부

— Pansori by Tae Ri (@taeri_yeosin) November 22, 2023

ceo vibes

— dm (@lovelytaeri) November 22, 2023

Yet, not everyone had the same positive reactions to the haircut. While some netizens on X thought she looked much older than she was…

Korean netizens seemingly agreed that while her hair looked healthy and thick, it made her look much older and that it didn’t really suit her, adding that because it was for a role, it was fine.

It’s Jungnyeon! (Her character in new drama) She looks her age. It doesn’t suit her, but since it’s for the drama, it’s okay as long as it suits the show. She’s rich in hair so she looks more refreshing without bangs. Her hair is insanely thick LOL Kim Tae Ri is cute, but her shoulders are narrow, so it doesn’t suit the hairstyle. Her hair is reeeeally thick.

While it seems that netizens are on the fence about the look, especially as they feel it doesn’t suit her, there is no denying Kim Tae Ri’s visuals are shining.

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