Wale Denied A Viral Story That Diddy Attacked Him During A Studio Session With Cassie

Wale Denied A Viral Story That Diddy Attacked Him During A Studio Session With Cassie

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Former Uproxx cover star Wale has denied a claim that he was attacked by Diddy during a studio session with Cassie after the specious story went viral on social media. According to TMZ, Wale and his management issued a statement to decry the false anecdote, noting that Wale never met Cassie and that the YouTuber who started the rumor did so to capitalize on recent headlines involving Daddy and Cassie to go viral.

Diddy aint never did that to Wale pic.twitter.com/al7fiLxWkx

— Champagne Sloshy (@JoshyBeSloshy) November 18, 2023

The YouTuber, Ant Glizzy, detailed an incident in which he claimed Diddy and his security guard hung Wale over a balcony, a la Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice. However, according to Wale’s team, “It’s a shame that a complete fabrication has gotten this far and that we have to dignify it with a response. It is a fantasy written by an outsider to exploit a viral story for clicks. The author must have watched The Five Heartbeats on basic cable and got inspired. They have never been in the same room as the people mentioned. Wale has never met Cassie or the author and was never involved in any type of altercation. He wishes peace for everyone involved in the settlement.”

Here’s the scene they mentioned:

Diddy and Cassie drew headlines and speculation over the weekend when the “Me & U” singer filed a lawsuit against her former beau alleging rape and abuse. The suit did say Diddy hung someone from a 17th-story balcony, but Wale was not named. The suit was settled a day later but by then, the damage was done. If Ant Glizzy was using the news to draw attention to himself, it’s all the more reason for social media users to consider news sources with some healthy skepticism. As Offset said, they’ll do anything for clout.

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