‘The Simpsons Hit & Run’ developer talks “bizarre decision” to scrap sequel

‘The Simpsons Hit & Run’ developer talks “bizarre decision” to scrap sequel

An executive producer for The Simpsons Hit & Run has revealed that multiple follow-up games were planned, with a prototype designed for the sequel.

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In an interview with Ben Hanson of MinnMax (via IGN), executive producer John Melchior revealed that a sequel to Hit & Run was in the works, but it was canceled before any substantial work could be done after Vivendi, the publisher of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, turned down a deal for more games.

“It was a five-game deal for less money than I think Vivendi paid for the first game” Melchior stated.

“He [Melchior’s boss at the time] was just like ‘I don’t understand. I have it to you on a silver platter, why aren’t you just saying yes and doing these games?’ It was just a really bizarre decision. I’ll never understand it. Most people on the production level never understood it.”

“It was sad because there was no momentum loss between the shipping of this game and the work being done on the sequel,” he added.

Melchior also mentioned a few newly planned mechanics, stating that “we had airships and we had planes” before later going on to mention a “blimp” flying around, suggesting that the Simpsons characters would be able to take to the air in multiple vehicles.

According to Melchior, there was absolutely no doubt in their minds that the game would become a series, stating “this was going to be a franchise, no doubt in anybody’s mind.”

The original game was released back in 2003, leaving such a lasting legacy that fans have been clamoring for a remake of The Simpsons: Hit & Run for years. Earlier in 2023, one fan remade the entire title – but it will never be released.

In other gaming news, The Rolling Stones have confirmed a collaboration with EA Sports FC 24.

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