“The Devil’s Plan” Winner Ha Seok Jin Finally Spends His Prize Money

“The Devil’s Plan” Winner Ha Seok Jin Finally Spends His Prize Money

Actor Ha Seok Jin, the winner of Netflix’s reality game show The Devil’s Plan, recently impressed netizens with how he decided to spend his prize money.

Actor Ha Seok Jin | @haseokjin/Instagram

Last month, The Devil’s Plan had people on the edge of their seats as they awaited to see who the show’s winner would be. After many nail-biting rounds of puzzles and games, Ha Seok Jin ultimately took the crown, winning a total of ₩250 million KRW (about $194,000 USD).

| Netflix

Immediately after winning, Ha Seok Jin stated in an interview that he didn’t know how to spend his money because he didn’t expect to win.

(The money) is sitting in the bank. I didn’t plan how I’d use it. It’s more of a prize of achievement … I think coming up with the plans for how to use the prize is also part of ‘The Devil’s Plan.’

— Ha Seok Jin

What Netflix’s “The Devil’s Plan” Winner Ha Seok Jin Did With His Prize Money

However, a month later, he figured out how to spend the prize money.

On November 18, Ha Seok Jin uploaded a vlog titled “Are you asking me where I spent my Devil’s Plan winnings?” on his YouTube channel, capturing the attention of many netizens.

In the video, Ha Seok Jin explained that the prize money he won wasn’t just for him but for the other participants as well.

As you can see from the program, I didn’t make the prize money on my own. The 12 participants and the production team together made a 12-episode series. As the winner, I wanted to give gifts to the cast members.

— Ha Seok Jin

Your browser does not support video.| HA SEOK JIN/YouTube 

He contemplated what gift he would give the cast members but ultimately decided on something meaningful to the show’s contestants.

I thought about what would be a good gift. I thought of everything. I thought, ‘Should I send some Korean beef?’ But it’ll be gone after they eat it. Clothes? T-shirts? How often would they wear that? Then, I thought of it! I told you I got a trophy in the form of numbers. It’s a trophy, but it’s cashable. Then I thought about gifts that would be cashable, and I realized a gift with pure gold would be good.

— Ha Seok Jin

Your browser does not support video.| HA SEOK JIN/YouTube  

Ha Seok Jin shared that when he was previously on a TV program called Sixth Sense, he was given a gold gift as a souvenir. He found the phone number of the place that made this on the bottom of the gift box and reached out to them to make his gifts for his Devil’s Plan family.

Ha Seok Jin shared the details of how he designed and ordered custom gold coins, joking that “good deeds need to be done in silence.” When he went to pick up the finished gifts, he revealed a wooden case with “The Devil’s Plan” written on it. Inside was a gold coin, made of 99.9% pure gold, with his name inscribed below it. The back of the coin looked identical to the coins that were used in The Devil’s Plan as their currency to get ahead in the games or get eliminated.

Your browser does not support video.| HA SEOK JIN/YouTube  

He sent a video of the customized coins to the Devil’s Plan group chat, where the participants expressed their gratitude.

Your browser does not support video.| HA SEOK JIN/YouTube  

Ha Seok Jin even met with fellow Devil’s Plan participants Lee Si Won and Kim Dong Jae and personally delivered the gifts to them. They were amazed by their names being ingrained on the box and the coin being a “very valuable coin.”

Your browser does not support video.| HA SEOK JIN/YouTube  

Produced by Jung Jong Yeon, who produced shows like The Genius and Society Game, Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan brought together participants from various professions, including lawyers, doctors, science YouTubers, pro gamers, and actors.

“The Devil’s Plan” poster | Netflix

Check out Ha Seok Jin’s vlog here.

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