Rising Artists Rozotadi & Deo Release Fire New “Qualia” Project

Rising Artists Rozotadi & Deo Release Fire New “Qualia” Project

Between the intersection of the Arizona desert and the 10,000 lakes of Minneapolis, two prolific artists, Rozotadi and Deo, have crafted an Alt-Rap and R&B duo, launching with their Self-Titled EP, Qualia. Immersing fans and listeners into a vivid tapestry of experiences, a blend of electrifying highs, introspective lows, and the intricate dance of relationships and love these two artists are revolutionizing the music game.

Within 7 tracks, you will hear an array of genre bending production customized to match each featured artist’s unique sound. You get a chance to see how creative and passionate both creatives are in making a masterpiece that the world can revel in. Adding Chicago Hip Hop star Mick Jenkins to Qualia allowed Rozotadi and Deo to bridge the rich Midwest music culture with the bustling Arizona music scene led by rising superstars DNY BRX & Eloy Gabriel. The infusion of voices mixed with the stellar production creates an unforgettable listening experience for anyone who indulges in Qualia.

Deo journeyed to Arizona, uniting with Rozotadi with a singular goal: to bring their collective vision to life. What makes this EP so different from most, is the fact that Rozotadi not only lended his voice, but also executive produced and engineered Qualia. Deep into their marathon it became clear that the allure of this collection doesn’t just rest in its melodies but in its duality. It’s music for the women stepping into the night, heels clicking on the way to the club. Yet, also for the misfits, searching for sounds only heard in deep internet subcultures.

This is neither of their first releases. Rozotadi, fresh off the acclaim of his EP “Bighead’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol 1”, and Deo, riding the waves of his debut “Love Orchard”, have already showcased their knack for innovation. Rozotadi’s ability to switch off from the studio to the screen as a film/commercial actor, gives him a leg up on the competition. Moreover, he’s on the brink of pioneering change in the Generative AI world, leading his startup, Contak, poised to revolutionize ownership tracking in web 3.0.

Rozotadi and Deo are on their way to the top and will be inspiring the next generation of music royalty. Press play below to stream “Qualia”.

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