People are very upset Stanley Tucci didn’t win Sexiest Bald Man Alive

People are very upset Stanley Tucci didn’t win Sexiest Bald Man Alive

A poll to determine the Sexiest Bald Man of 2023 has been held, and a lot of people are not impressed by some of the names that have been left off the list.

The study was carried out by the marketing agency Reboot, who examined the frequency of searched names of bald men alongside the words “shirtless” or “naked”, while also taking into account height, net worth and head “shininess”, giving each contender a score out of 10.

Prince William managed to top the list with a score of 9.88, ahead of the actors Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Samuel L. Jackson.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos came in at number five, ahead of Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Shemar Moore, Shaquille O’Neal and Terry Crews.

However, people online have been wasting no time in pointing out some glaring omissions from the list, with the actor Stanley Tucci in particular leading some to demand a recount.

Check out some of the reactions below:

*laughs in Stanley Tucci*

— *¨*•SleighBeggy•*¨* (@s0wick3d) November 17, 2023

stanley tucci isn’t sweating over a pot of al dente risotto on tiktok daily for this

— lucy ford (@lucyj_ford) November 16, 2023

Limey sycophants coping and seething at Tucci supremacy, trying to tear down a real king

— Can’t be blank (@cheapncheerless) November 17, 2023

This is the holy pantheon.

It is not up for discussion.

— Everything Everywhere All At Watts (@wattsoccuring) November 17, 2023

Oh dear Lord. The @KensingtonRoyal PR team have gone into overdrive.

This is such a desperate move.

— Natasha Akhtar (@Natasha_Akhtar) November 17, 2023

They beg to differ

— Craig (@NineNineCraig) November 16, 2023

This again??? When Mark Strong was right there??

— Fer | Izzy deserved better (@moonysmith81) November 17, 2023

When the light of my life exists, y’all are unserious people.

— JJ (@ladydragonjj) November 17, 2023

Um…he’s right here??

— bette davis thighs (@LivvyParrot) November 17, 2023

In 2022, the same list threw up a different winner in the form of Vin Diesel. Tucci did manage to secure the second spot, with Prince William down in fifth.

Tucci made headlines this summer by saying that he believes that straight actors should be able to play gay characters, as “the whole point” of acting is “to play different people”.

Discussing being criticised for playing a gay character in Supernova, he added: “Obviously, I believe that’s fine, and I am always very flattered when gay men come up to me and talk about my role in The Devil Wears Prada or Supernova, and say I did it the right way.

“Because often it is not done the right way, and I really do believe as an actor that you are supposed to play different people. You just are.”

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