Industry Insiders Reportedly Raise Possibility Of RIIZE Seunghan’s Removal From Group

Industry Insiders Reportedly Raise Possibility Of RIIZE Seunghan’s Removal From Group

Industry insiders are reportedly saying RIIZE‘s Seunghan may be cut from the group. 

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On November 21, 10Asia reported that industry insiders are saying that RIIZE’s Seunghan may be facing termination from the group. According to the report, the idol’s many controversies may have taken its toll.

The three-strike rule isn’t exclusive to baseball. The (group’s) fandom and industry insiders are raising the possibility that Seunghan will be forced out of the group.

— 10Asia

The news follows earlier reports stating that many in RIIZE’s fandom are calling for Seunghan to leave the group.

Netizens Call For RIIZE’s Seunghan To Withdraw From The Group Following Various Controversies

Controversies surrounding Seunghan include:

A leaked livestream with an alleged girlfriend. A leaked video of Seunghan smoking. Another leaked livestream in which he disrespectfully talks about LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae

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Netizens reacted to the report, with many welcoming the prospects of the idol’s removal. Many implored SM Entertainment to cut ties with the idol before even more damning revelations were exposed.

“Can’t they just cut him now and bring in a new member like they did with Yeri and Red Velvet? Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker. With his mind state, his future is predictable.” “No way SM actually drops him.” “Is he popular within the group? I only know Wonbin, so I don’t know.” “Please!!!” “Do you think SM will cut him for something like this? They have embraced even bigger criminals, LOL.” “If he had an ounce of consideration for other members, he would leave the group voluntarily.” “I don’t want my bias to get close to him because I keep thinking about his (Seunghan’s) scandal whenever I see him.” “He’ll definitely get in trouble again. It’s right that they cut ties with him sooner than later.”

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