Here’s Why aespa’s Karina Is The Perfect Model For Krush Beer, According To K-Nets

Here’s Why aespa’s Karina Is The Perfect Model For Krush Beer, According To K-Nets

Aespa’s Karina recently became the model for Kloud’s new brand of beer, Krush. The beer is the first new line that the brand has launched in years. A plan to become the new generation’s go-to beer, they hired Karina to represent them.

Their advertisement’s slogan and tagline received high praise as soon as it was released. As beer in South Korea is highly related with chicken, company dinners, and soju for soju bombs, many of the younger generation rarely reach for plain beer as a standalone. In the advertisement, Karina laments that “up to now, beer suits chicken, soju, and team dinners, but not me.

She grabs a bottle of Krush as she heads out of a bar. Climbing a flight of steps, she reaches her destination.

Karina flops down on a one-seater sofa and takes a cool swig of beer. She recites the tagline of the beer, “right on time, the 4th generation beer appears.”

Korean netizens gave the advertisement high praise. Karina is one of the representative idols of the 4th generation, matching the 4th generation beer perfectly.

Netizen comments. | YouTube Their marketing is so impressive… The advertising company must be a genius. Seems like they succeeded in branding. They escaped the image of existing beer advertisements, and the slogan of the 4th generation beer is also new. It’s Karina’s first solo advertisement, so her image has not been overexposed before, so it’s new too… It’s a win-win for both the model and the brand. They really chose the model and the video’s vibe so well… They didn’t follow the mass-produced standard planes that are typical to alcohol advertisements. It’s been a real long time since I’ve seen a beer ad that makes me want to make a purchase.

Netizens also loved how modern the advertisement was. Previous alcohol advertisements always featured a gorgeous celebrity taking a refreshing swig of beer, smiling at the camera. They are usually seen drinking with friends too.

Seolhyun for Kloud beer.

Comparatively, Karina takes a lone drink, perfectly content on a dilapidated rooftop, basking in the lights. The winter vibes and the tough way she flopped into the sofa resonate with many who enjoyed the updated tone of alcohol advertisements.

Netizen comments. | YouTube Karina and the overall concept re both calm, so it’s even cooler and more modern… It really is for the better. They made the advertisement so well… Lotte Alcohol’s done a good job. The ad is modern and great. It doesn’t give the energetic, supportive vibes that common beer ads have, so I think it will last longer in one’s memory.

Catch the full advertisement below!


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