Here’s What The Former Chinese Members Of EXO Are Up To

EXO was once the hottest group of the nation. They created a syndrome with “Growl” and “Wolf” back in 2013. As time went on, the Chinese members slowly dropped out of the group. Fans saw Kris and Tao leave, before Luhan followed suit. Lay remained with SM Entertainment until the end of his contract. What are these former members up to today?

1. Tao

Tao recently launched his new album, 30’s Club. To celebrate, he held a second concert in Guangzhou, China. Tao’s bad health condition forced him to cancel the 1st run of the concert, shocking fans. Reportedly, following that, the sales for the 2nd run were so low, that the concert had to be canceled.

There was one scheduled run left for the concert. In order to boost sales, the price was reduced from 368 yuan (₩66,400 KRW (about $51.50 USD)). Despite the explosive drop in price, the tickets failed to sell out even up to the day before the concert.

2. Lay

Comparatively, Lay, who debuted alongside Tao in EXO, held a concert in Chengdu on the very same day. Lay sold out his concert, providing fans with different gifts on each day of the concert. He is an extremely successful singer in his homeland. Recently, he starred in the movie No More Bets as the main lead. Lay was the only Chinese member to stick out the remainder of his contract. He continues to maintain good relationships with the members.

Lay has placed Top 20 in the Forbes China Top 100 for consecutive years. He also founded Chromosome Entertainment in 2020.

3. Kris

The star is currently in jail. He was embroiled in allegations of rape and tax evasion. Multiple alleged victims have stepped up to accuse him of approaching underaged girls.

In the morning of November 25, 2022, Beijing Chaoyang People’s Court of First Instance came to a decision regarding the rape and group licentiousness case for defendant Kris Wu. For rape, defendant Kris Wu has been sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison plus deportation. For group licentiousness, he has been sentenced to 1 year and 10 months in prison. Combined, he’s sentenced to 13 years in prison plus deportation.

—  Beijing High People’s Court

He has since appealed the sentence.

4. Luhan

After leaving EXO, he built a highly successful career as a singer and actor. His last album release was in 2017, and his last drama was Sisyphus in 2020. He continues to appear on various magazine covers and was recently on Produce Camp 2020 as a mentor. He graced ELLE China’s cover in May 2023.

He also recently attended Gucci’s launch event for their new fragrance in November 2023.

We can’t help but miss the former members!

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