G-Dragon’s Latest Drug Test Results Unleash Fiery Backlash

Netizens reacted to G-Dragon‘s latest drug tests.


On November 21, Yonhap News reported that the National Institute of Forensic Science had previously delivered negative test results for G-Dragon’s fingernails to the Incheon Police.

G-Dragon’s Fingernail Drug Test Results Revealed — Police Address Rumors

The negative results strongly suggest that G-Dragon has not used drugs for the past 6 months. This is especially so, considering G-Dragon has tested negative in his initial drug test as well as in a hair test.

National Institute of Forensic Science | NFS

The news follows days of speculation regarding the fingernail tests, as it had been previously rumored that the Police were deliberately stopping the release of the results due to the immense backlash they have been facing

In the Yonhap News report, Police seem to claim contrary to the rumor, stating they had been the ones to reach out to the National Institute of Forensic Science first.

We reached out to them (National Institute of Forensic Science) first because it was taking so long to receive the results. We cannot share the results of the test.

— Incheon Police

Despite their statement, Korean netizens lambasted the Incheon Police and called for G-Dragon to sue.

“The cops are f@cking funny. F@cking idiots.” “They danced with fire, and now it’s time to burn them.” “Please sue them.” “Seriously, sue them. WTF.” “Why didn’t the police not reveal the results? The National Institute of Forensic Science sent them the results much earlier.” “I can’t trust the Police.” “Lol, let’s sue.” “Please, seriously, sue them.” “The Police think they can bully celebrities around. I hope the Police and news outlets get f@cked.”

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