G-Dragon’s Drug Scandal Brings Attention To “Doona” Actor

Amidst G-Dragon‘s recent drug test results, an actor is drawing attention for indirectly expressing his support for the BIGBANG member.

G-Dragon | AP

On November 20, the National Forensic Service (NFS) informed the Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit that a detailed drug test on G-Dragon’s hair showed a negative reaction to drugs.

G-Dragon’s Latest Drug Test Results Revealed

On November 6, G-Dragon attended the police for questioning regarding drug suspicions under the Act on the Management of Narcotics. At that time, the police conducted a preliminary reagent test with negative results. Subsequently, additional hair and nail samples were collected for precise examination by the NFS.

After attending the Incheon Police Agency for questioning, G-Dragon addressed the situation with an image on his social media account with a four-character idiom “사필귀정,” which roughly translates to “All things will ultimately return to the right path.

It has been confirmed that actor Lee Jin Wook, who was recently in Netflix‘s Doona, clicked “Like” on G-Dragon’s post.

Lee Jin Wook | Netflix

In 2016, Lee Jin Wook was accused of sexual assault but appeared at the police station after three days with a smile on his face. He calmly shared with the press his thoughts about being falsely accused as a public figure, showing the confidence that only an innocent person would have.

The other person may think it’s easy to falsely accuse me just because my face is exposed, but false accusations are a truly significant crime.

— Lee Jin Wook

Lee Jin Wook faced the press with confidence in 2016. | OSEN

Ultimately, Lee Jin Wook was acquitted 14 days after the complaint, and the person who sued him was sentenced to eight months in prison for charges of false accusations and two years of probation in the second trial.

| @jinuk0916/Instagram

G-Dragon’s most recent fingernail test results came out negative, sparking backlash as many criticized the police for incompetence and publicizing the drug investigation without any evidence of the crime taking place.


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