Fans Outraged Over Chungha’s Former Label Refusing To Give Her Ownership Of Her Social Media Handles

Fans Outraged Over Chungha’s Former Label Refusing To Give Her Ownership Of Her Social Media Handles

In April earlier this year, Chungha officially left her former label, MNH Entertainment, after a long period of what seemed to be a struggle with the company. While she was still with the label, she spoke about her frustrations with postponements in her music being released and other issues that she had while under their management, and therefore it came as little surprise when she was confirmed to be leaving as soon as she was able to.


While MNH Entertainment’s announcement about Chungha leaving seemed to be amicable enough, fans of the soloist have had a distaste for the label for quite some time due to what seemed to be unfair treatment towards her while she was there. And now it seems like fans might have yet another reason to throw shade towards her former label.

Though Chungha considered leaving the entertainment industry and going to study abroad instead, she ended up joining Jay Park‘s label MORE VISION back in October. This is an exciting new chapter for Chungha and her fans, but it’s not without its difficulties.

It turns out that MNH Entertainment hasn’t released the rights of Chungha’s former social media accounts — which have millions of followers — to her. This includes her Instagram account, which has over five million followers, and Twitter, which has over 300k.

Because of this, she has basically had to start completely over with new handles on these social media platforms. Her new Instagram and Twitter accounts have 130k and 14k followers respectively.

Chungha’s new and old Instagram accounts


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Chungha’s new Twitter account

CHUNG HA 청하 | Profile Photo Behind The Scenes #청하 #MOREVISION #모어비전

— 청하 CHUNGHA (@CH_CHUN9HA) November 20, 2023

Perhaps worst of all, they also didn’t give her access to her YouTube account. This likely means that she won’t receive any of the revenue or royalties from her past music videos, which is a huge financial blow. Her past account had 1.46 million subscribers, while her current one has just 3.5k (though she only has one video so far, and it was uploaded less than 24 hours ago).

Chungha’s new YouTube account

Finally, MORE VISION actually had to announce that they were looking for a new fanclub name for Chungha, since MNH Entertainment holds the trademark for “BYULHARANG”. This is more of an emotional blow to fans, as the name — which means “Stars with Chungha” — meant a lot to them and Chungha both.

byu/balloon_wanted from discussion

Needless to say, fans are outraged over the situation, and even non-fans can’t help but agree that this seems to be taking things way too far to the point of it seeming like petty behavior from MNH Entertainment.

We hope that Chungha’s future with MORE VISION allows her the artistic freedom and opportunities that she absolutely deserves, and that she’s able to shine on stage once again, very soon!

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