Detective Netizens Provide Evidence That RIIZE Seunghan’s Exposer Is Actually A Disgraced YouTuber

Detective Netizens Provide Evidence That RIIZE Seunghan’s Exposer Is Actually A Disgraced YouTuber

Since the group’s debut, RIIZE‘s Seunghan has been the target of several leaks of private content.

RIIZE’s Seunghan

The exposes began with the release of photos of Seunghan with a woman in different locations, including what was alleged to be a love hotel. In the last week, netizens were left angered over a clip of Seunghan and TXT‘s Soobin chatting on a private Instagram live, and a video of the RIIZE member smoking was published.

Many have theorized that the person releasing the videos was close to Seunghan pre-debut. However, some netizens think they have figured out the identity of the person posting online.

Unrelated photo | Bermix Studio/Unsplash

On X, several tweets claiming to contain photos of the person behind the account have been shared. In some tweets, the poster says that any time @BBOSONGEEEEE, the account that has posted a majority of Seunghan’s exposes, was tweeted these photos, they blocked the account.

The photos are said to be of infamous YouTuber Sojang.

@BBOSONGEEEEE IS 1000% Sojang. That bitch blocked me for posting her photo

— bunnie unnie (@bunnir_unnie) November 21, 2023

Sojang was a rumor-based YouTube account known for spreading false information about idols. Earlier this year, Starship Entertainment and KQ Entertainment announced they would be suing the individual behind the account.

Sojang apologized to many of the idols she targeted, but fans remained angry over spreading false information.

Malicious YouTuber Sojang Apologizes To BTS’s V, IVE’s Wonyoung, And More

Some are theorizing that Sojang has returned through the anonymous @BBOSONGEEEEE account.

I’m really starting to believe that the account targeting and harassing Riize’s Seunghan (@BBOSONGEEEEE) is the disgraced and hated former YouTuber known as Sojang.

Sojang’s videos about idols and celebrities included many accusations and malicious rumors, she was known to…

— starboy (@starboywonbin) November 21, 2023

SSE has filed a legal action for SOJANG but she is still slandering & posting defamation contents towards all artists on X.

We decided to work with @ZB1PROTECTION @PROTECT_RIIZE @BBHProtectSquad @weareoneprotect @ProtectNewJeans to deplatform SOJANG’s X account @/BBOSONGEEEEE.

— PROTECT IVE (@PROTECT_IVE) September 10, 2023

Though it is unclear who is behind the account, netizens are hopeful they will be stopped soon.

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